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    Sugar Cane and Grok???

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    Had a discussion with my wife last night. I was telling her about the dangers of sugar based on the PB. I said our bodies are not made to process sugars correctly and that Grok never ate sugar with his meat and vegetables. She brought up what I thought was a great question. What about sugar cane? The only thing I could think of was, Grok didn't eat it because,being that it is in a hard structure,he probably didn't want to excert the energy to get to it. What do you think?

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    yeah you are

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    Well it's native to South Asia, grok didn't exactly have access to it, or the methods to refine it until closer to modern times.
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    Sugar cane is tasty... I used to have it as a kid, growing up. I wouldn't have it now. And I mean the stuff that is fresh, just cut. The stuff they sell at the groceries stores is not fresh... This has been the only diet that I have never considered a diet. The food is amazing, I feel great and I am losing weight.

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    I'm sure the Groks who lived in the area where sugarcane grew had it on occasion. Probably wasn't a major dietary staple though.

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