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Thread: Hello I'm a newbie Primal

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    Cool Hello I'm a newbie Primal

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    I'm 56. Happily married have two great ( married kids) the first 10 years of marriage was a granola of sorts, then wandered a bit but not too far. I've been juice fasting for the last 28 days ( planned on 60). My chiropractor suggested I stop because I have some inflammation and he thinks the detoxing is causing the flare up in my shoulder. I don't want to stop because I believe that is the purpose of the detox. Nothing life threatening as far as losing too much weight etc. i just hate to stop w/out a little more confirmation from some primal thinkers.

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    hi, i suggest you stop fasting and start eating basic primal. buy the pb bookand just stick to that for half a year. you should be feeling better soon and the tweaks you find on the forum are not something to start with.
    And fruitjuice is not encouraged, it is better to eat the whole fruit

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