Just found out I'm pregnant for the 6th time and have been eating primal for the past 4 months. I was doing it to loose weight and control my wonky blood sugar. It's been going really well. I've also been eating pretty low carb ( 30-75 grams of carbs a day). What carb amount is safe during pregnancy? I am trying to avoid gaining 40-60 lbs this time around like I have with all the rest. I want baby to have everything he/she needs but I don't need to pack on lots of extra fat. I'm already fluffy enough, lol. For the record, even with my high weight gain my babies have been small to normal sized at birth. Ranging from a 42 week baby that was 18 inches and 5 lbs 11 oz to an 8lb 4 oz 23 inch baby born at 40 weeks.