Hi, all! I'm relatively new to primal eating (been at it two weeks), and though I'm pretty sure I'm doing the right things, I'm gaining weight rather than losing! Can anyone help me pinpoint what might be going wrong?

Here's what I might eat on a typical day:

Breakfast - eggs (with spinach, mushrooms, and onion) and turkey bacon OR apple, frozen blueberries and crushed walnuts with almond milk (and sometimes a little honey), coffee

Lunch - big salad (often with chicken, avocado, and lots of veggies)

Snack (depending on hunger) - handful of almonds (usually pre-workout) OR clementine OR carrots with primally-prepared zucchini hummus

Dinner - meat (beef, chicken, fish), sauteed or steamed veggies, cauliflower rice OR sweet potato

Along with that, I do crossfit three times a week (started in September '12) and walk just about everywhere.

I figured I'd try eating primal after four months of crossfit with no weight loss (I'm a female with about 15lbs to lose). Now, I'm gaining weight (2lbs last week)! Needless to say, I'm feeling very frustrated and disheartened. Has anyone else had this experience? Am I doing something wrong?