Not sure I want to restart this thread, but here goes!

I am in the middle of stringing together 30 consecutive Whole30 days. I have been 80/20 Paleo since July 2012 (and a member here) but my 20 was literally sugar. I needed to find a way to halt my habit and Whole30 fit the bill. I have no intention of staying Whole30 past my 30 consecutive days, and I don't think the authors ever say that restrictive eating should be 365 days a year.

It is CRAZY restrictive, but not really unhealthy when you think about it being a month of your life.

I have been sugar free for about 47 of of the past 50 days. For me, that is fantastic! I've restarted my W30 twice because of sugar intake, but only because those days were not just a bite of sugar but a binge. Before you say the restricted eating caused the binge... I've binged while Paleo, too.

Doubting someone because they were a former drug addict sure is odd. I find it kind of motivating myself.

Like every forum, there are crazy nuts who pick apart everything posted. Right now I have a stalker who loves to tell me W30 isn't an elitist group so I cannot get on my grass fed beef or organic soap box. Oh, well.

I will be back here when my sugar dragon is slayed. I am grateful that I found "It Starts With Food" because for me it is working to reach my specific goal. I cannot wait to eat oats, bacon (has brown sugar. gasp) and cheese again!