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Thread: Seasonal leg hair loss

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    Seasonal leg hair loss

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    My lower leg hair falls out during the winter. I know it's not due to socks because I wear dress socks in the summer as well. It happens like clockwork, starting around November and coming back April-ish. But since I started taking a Vitamin D supplement (8000 IU / day) 2 months ago, my leg hair has come back to summer levels. I've never had hair like this in the winter, not even as a teenager.

    I also started eating Primally around the same time so it could be due to that as well. The reason I think it'd due to the Vit D is b/c I have normal leg hair during the summer despite eating total crap. I'm almost curious enough to do an experiment (start eating crap again, keep taking vit D) to see if it really is due to the Vit D, but I don't think it's worth it.

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    As someone who shaves her legs, I don't see this as a problem
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    I've read that loss of hair on the lower leg can also be attributed to circulatory issues. That hair is nowhere as thick as it is in the summer. But---I'm just starting to tan twice a week and am curious if that has an effect or not.
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