Hello cavefolks!

How great to find this healthy, active online community. Just loving all the common sense.

For over two months I cut out refined sugars, when I noticed they were feeding an emotional addiction - and then replaced them with dairy! My daily breakfast was meusli and yogurt with black tea. Snacks often included cheese. I mean, I live in Switzerland after all. But oh what headaches and fatigue. I felt heavy, tired, icky.

Then one day I was thinking "you know, I'd be really happy if all I ate were my favorite Persian green stew with chicken or lamb and skipped the rice, lots of salads, fresh herbs, maybe some Alaskan salmon now and then, and blueberries!" This made me laugh because I'd always thought if I could live like a certain animal I'd be a grizzly bear in the Pacific Northwest.... about 700 years ago. My fiancÚ even calls me 'Osita' (she bear), and he is my Oso.

A week later, a wise friend pointed me towards primal. I googled. I found Mark. My Osita body growled with delight.

So far... just a few days in and I'm learning how to cut the dairy, grains and beans. I'm thankful to have already cut out sugars and processed foods and have the habit of cooking for myself. I also have a flexible schedule and work most days from home or running around the city from one training/meeting/consultation to another. Once a week I take a Middle Eastern dance class.

Yesterday was my first day tracking (using MyFitnessPal) so I can really figure out the carb levels.

B: a coconut milk smoothie with frozen blueberries, a banana, enriched protein powder and vitamineral greens (I figure those last two aren't so bad and I might as well finish off what I have)
S: nuts and dried fruit (at a work event)
L: leftover roasted root vegetables and chicken drenched in olive oil, one fried egg and 1/3 of the plate green salad (rampion)
Afternoon: long nap
D: baked salmon topped with red pepper, onions and capers, steamed broccoli and carrots (at a work event)

Not sure if I calculated amounts correctly, but MFP showed my calories roughly came from 50% fat (121g), 25% protein (136g) and 25% carbs (136g).

This morning I woke up with a full stomach. I'm really not used to eating that much meat. It was probably just too much food altogether.

So far today:

B: green tea until my stomach feels ready for food.