Been eating primal now for around 13 months and been loving it. One of the great results was no longer catching the flu or any illness.
However, during the first few weeks of January I've gotten a pretty bad sore throat and a bit of a flu, on two different occasions. Both times the doctor administrated some anti-inflammatory throat spray and Danzen Tablets (Serratiopeptidase). Within a few days, the sore throat had disappeared and I was feeling back to normal.
At the second visit to the doctors, they took a throat swab to send off to the lab to check for any bacterial infections.
Results have come back today, saying that I have Strep-pneumoniae. I've been given a course of anti-biotics to take.
But, to the main point, the doctor has recommended that I eat more carbs, such as wholemeal pasta and rice.
Being an active athlete- playing rugby and going to the gym multiple times a week- I have implemented a post-workout serving of sweet potatoes for the past few months.

So I'm just wondering if anyone has come across this problem before, and if they have any advice on how to go about the increased carb intake. Maybe the recommendation was just in the short-term to eat carbs to let my body recover. But I'm not too keen to eat a higher carb intake in the long-term, as I've been enjoying all the aspects of primal living.

Any suggestions/info would be appreciated,