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Thread: Ethnicity and Primal Eating

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    Quote Originally Posted by saturnfan View Post
    I'll grant you that those in poverty eat food that is lower in quality, but is the quality of that food so sever to cause such disparate rates in diabetes?
    It is pretty stark. I used to live in Coral Gables, which is extremely wealthy but borders a black ghetto. Close to the border there were two conventional (Publix and Winndixie) Supermarkets- one that served mostly whites and one that served mostly blacks. The black Supermarket was almost unshoppable in terms of getting healthy food.

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    Quote Originally Posted by saturnfan View Post
    True, but at least academically, I feel there must be different levels of optimal nutrition. If you follow the basic guidelines of primal nutrition, you should see results despite your ethnicity. But why not explore the possibility of optimal outcomes?

    Part of what I find so interesting here is the way so many have branched out in their own direction to find out what is optimal for them. One of the best things about the whole Primal/Paleo philosophy in my opinion is the encouragement of self-experimentation. I started out very strict by the standards of many of the posters in this forum, and I am unlikely to stray too far. I am thinking of doing IF and keeping an 8hour window for feeding a-la Leangains however. (Something I couldn't even fathom while still eating SAD).
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