This is stupid sounding but I was wondering what your thoughts on this are.

The past four nights or so I've had some really nasty dreams. The kind of dreams that keep you from getting any real sleep despite lying in bed for hours. The primary bad dream offender here, the reoccurring one, is one that makes me look damned shallow, but it's one where I've regained all the weight I lost ... and more.

Yeah, it sounds bad. It is bad. It can't happen like it does in the dream (all at once ... *shivers* ) but it can happen if I let it. I won't of course, I'll strive to never let it happen, but my mind has many years of images to pull from. I can remember what I looked like butt naked in the mirror from when I was a kid to when I was at my heaviest. Not fun. I can project, based on those images, how horrible things COULD have gotten.

I can't shake this dream, for as hard as I try. I stay up super late just to make myself pass out hardcore, even drank myself to sleep one night, and I still have this dream and still wake up feeling unrested.

Rationally, I know what I am. I know where I am. I know what I look like and I know how I got here. It took a lot of work, blood, sweat, and tears (lots and lots of work, blood, sweat, and tears).

But I'm scared of this dream. I've done everything I can to make my mind understand this. I've reread all my notes on the matter, looked at all the personal progress pics, I've rattled off all the things I CAN do now that I never could before. Yet, I still find myself haunted by this bad dream.

In the dream I regain all the weight, plus some, and lose everything I have achieved since. I think that's the worst part, losing all I've gained by losing the weight ... I don't know. It messes with my head, this dream.

Have any of you good folks experienced similar bad dreams? How did you get rid of it or did it just pass? Thanks in advance for the answers. Sorry this sounds like shallow bull shit, but I swear it's not.