Hi all!

Here's what I ate today:

Bfast: I wasn't that hungry, so I just had some egg whites, green pepper and spinach. (I usually try to add a couple yolks, but I hate the taste so today I didn't.)

Lunch: Huge green salad with sunflower seeds, chicken, and broccoli.

After workout: Small pear, almond butter

Dinner: 2 turkey burgers, cup of broccoli

I am hungry ALL the time on Paleo so far (only day 4), and despite 'feeling' lighter, my weight has gone up 2 lbs. I am also going to the restroom much more frequently. Which is fine with me. My carbs today seem high, and I did eat some dark chocolate... I'm just SO freaking hungry at all times. Drinking tons of water, too. What am I doing wrong?

From what I have read, I should be eating fat at bfast too, is that right? What do I add? I don't want bacon and don't like avocado. Could I add something simple, like flax seeds? All advice welcome even though I know I sound difficult.