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Thread: Hello from the Pacific Northwest!

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    Hello from the Pacific Northwest!

    8 days ago I picked up "21 day Total Body Transformation" at the request of my daughter (God bless her!). I couldn't put the book (MacBook lol) down! Today is day 7 for me of this Primal way of life. When I started I weighed 202 lbs. and this morning I weighed 190.5 lbs. I am 5'10" and have a med/medheavy bone structure. 11.5 lbs. in one week!!?? What is going on! I could be on the Biggest Losers with folks twice my weight, and winning!, well at least for one week.

    My only regret is I had to give up my daily issue(s) of microbrew! But thats ok because for some reason it goes directly to my huggy bear handles; like once I swallow a good IPA there's a straw in my throat that immediately deposits beer in a storage area above my hips. I am 52 (good god!) and recently retired from 29 years in law enforcement, so I would like to live beyond the 3 year life expectancy cops have when they retire! I think this is the right path! It makes sense to cut out all the refined crap, drop grains/beans; never was a dairy fan a little goat milk once in awhile, so that part was easy. I have all new cooking oils-Olive, coconut, and macadamia oil (almost entirely monounsaturated fat) for salads.

    I've always been active but this opens my eyes to a whole new approach in living and enjoying life. I am looking forward to next monday's weigh in and the next 50 years! Thank You Mark Sisson! I am grateful for this primal awareness that has lain dormant for too long! Peace....5x

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    Tigard, Oregon
    Welcome from Tigard. Good luck, and May the Grok be wth you...
    Free your mind, and your Grok will follow!

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