I've been on PB since Nov.15, 2012. In the years before PB I took Omega-3 capsules (1 - 3 / day). During the year before PB I quit taking a number of supplements and prescriptions. When I quit the Omega-3, after 3 days, I felt much better. It seemed to line my stomach and prevent processing.

Now I realize I should be taking it, but I'm rather afraid to. What do you advice?

Second, my body has changed fairly radically since PB. For example, I had taken, sporatically, a stool softener which worked well and as-advertized. A few weeks ago I took it and my body responded as if it had been poisoned. I was in misery for 2 days recovering from it.

My current concern is that last night I ate about 1/3 cup cooked sticky-rice and i bite of souerdough bread. Then from 3AM on I was up with massive mucus in the mouth and throat. Can this really be a reaction to that little food. Or does it mean that my gut is still not in good shape. Other than last night, it seems very well.