Hello from Western Canada!

I'm a Brit guy who immigrated to Canada. I'm 44, 6'1 and about 210lbs depending on which scale I use.

Started Paleo/Primal last week, and lost 5lbs in the first week! I don't think this is water loss as I'd was already dieting prior to that and had lost 4lbs since the start of the year.

So a question on ratios! Is there an ideal Fat/Carb/Protein ratio I ought to be trying for?

I checked what I had yesterday and it was approx a 60/14/26% ratio, and about 700 cal's under my 'daily allowance' of 3500 cals.

Is that good ratio, should I be trying to up Fat/lower Carbs? It's so easy to blow the carb input, one apple is all it takes from what I can see.

Any advice?