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Thread: Funny CW moments

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    If you're interested, watch "sugar: the bitter truth" on YouTube. It's got a complete explanation of what sugar is, how it affects our bodies, and talks a bit about what happens when we eat sugar by itself (hint: it's better to eat the fiber and the sugar).

    I suspect the bulk of the sugar in the raw bar came from the dates, which have tons of sugar in them naturally.

    I can't resist dates, and probably eat more than I should. I've never been able to completely get rid of my gut/spare tire though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Badgerfaced View Post
    Friend of mine gave me a raw bar yesterday, read out the ingredients ' dates, cacao, nuts and chia seeds. All great, fine.

    I ate it, it was really sweet. I read the back, its 50% sugar. I say whoa man this si 50% sugar! she says yeah but is it sugar sugar or fruit sugar?

    I said, same thing!

    See that last word there....

    Am I wrong?
    Well they are dried dates so uhm technically that's still fruit (better than the raw bars I've found on google which have agave nectar in them). Not something one should consume in high quantities though I guess especially if the total sugar content is at 50% _

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    I was at an ice cream shop yesterday. I noticed that they have some brand of frozen yogurt that is "healthier" because it is sweetened with fructose. Right.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Anthony View Post
    No one thought to ask the dude with nice abs who eats huge amounts of good food what his secret is...
    Quote Originally Posted by canio6 View Post
    So...what is the secret to eating huge amounts of good food while having nice abs? Not that my abs are not stunning. I am sure they are just modest which is why they insist on hiding behind a flesh burka aka stomach fat.
    I too would like the secret to nice abs. Mine are really rude. I'd love it if they were nicer, it's so annoying to have to apologize when they offend people.
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    I've got two of them and they're practically identical. I want to bash my head against a wall.

    First, I'm looking after my niece and nephew lately. I often turn on the TV and let them at it. Yes, I'm a horrible babysitter but daaamn. I am NOT a morning person. I'm sleep deprived and my caffeine addiction is off the wall... anyway. So Disney Junior is on and a thing about WHAT TO EAT comes on. The story goes like this:

    Little girl can eat cake for breakfast or.... toast! Which is better for her? The cake is loaded with fat! Of course she should have the TOAST! No mention of putting anything on the toast, by the way. Just toast. Oh, and it's whole grain.

    Ugh. And this is what they feed to very impressionable kids. But anyway, I went to my sisters' place two days later to watch the kids there. And I brought some baking supplies for gluten-free cupcakes, because I'm gluten free and this way I can leave most of them for them... I know, I'm horrible. Anyway, this is what my sister said:

    Sister: Well, those cupcakes will be loaded with fat. Give her some toast for breakfast.

    ...And I died a little inside.

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    A friend was lamenting the fact that she doesnt eat breakfast and then gets super hungry during the day and as she is on the road, usually turns to fast food.

    I said maybe you could make a fritatta or quiche and take it with you in the car?

    Guy says, oh you and your trans fats!!

    "I reserve the right to say stupid things"

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    My fiance used to basically live off pasta and sandwiches (lost of meat as well) but he's now switching to a more paleo type diet when he eats at home (60-70% of the time). He's now really excited about seeing better results so he wants to give up beer for a month and see what happens. All of this is fab!
    I mentioned all of this to his mum and she said 'it's great that he's giving up beer but it's dangerous for his liver to not be eating any of the carbs in pasta and bread!'
    I assured her that there were still other ways of getting carbs in your diet than ones filled with gluten. I didn't ask about the whole 'your liver needs carbs or it'll shut down' thing...

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    Fact is most folks are either ignorant of the truth or just dont care. Too many years of being abused by a system designed to overload and desensitize people. Keep them afraid and consuming and confused if you ask me. My sister is a case in point, now 100 lbs overweight and willing to do anything but no idea what to do, who to believe, where to go for answers.

    I suggested she start where I did and read the science and she looked at me like a monkey doing a math problem. Are we allowed she asked? I pointed her at MDA, Gnolls, PHD, Robb Wolfe etc and as well at McDougal and his ilk. I suspect she has not read anything and spent her time in front of a tv.

    Most people have no more fucks to give and just want to be blindly fed.
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    I think that part has to do with the magic pill. Eat like shit get high blood pressure or the diabetes etc. here's a pill keep eating like shit! Have a nice day see you when your symptoms metastasize I'll give you another pill. No thought or effort require on your part.

    Some people are way to lazy to learn beyond a commercial or a cereal box recommend.

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    I find your lack of bacon disturbing.

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    I just have to vent...

    There was still some cupcakes at my sister's house, which surprised me. I left four of them so they could have them with supper, and I really thought they would. I mentioned it and the discussion went like this.

    Sister: Don't feed them cupcakes for breakfast.

    Me: ... I don't typically give them cupcakes for breakfast, you know. Usually I give them eggs with cheese.

    Sister: Oh my god! That's why they're getting fat. Don't do that!

    Me: ...? Like those pancakes you feed them are so much better!

    Sister: I don't give them those every day.

    Me: Well, what DO you want me to feed them?

    Sister: Toast or cereal.

    ...And I died a little more inside. I can't WAIT until I no longer have to look after these kids.

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