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    Coconut water without added sugar is kind of nasty. Maybe I was getting bad coconuts.
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    it seems to be sort of an acquired taste. the first time i had it, i wasn't impressed. now i crave it.

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    i've had it once, it tasted like rotten apple juice

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    I've had nasty coconut water from (what I later discovered to be) slightly rotten coconuts, and delicious coconut water from delicious perfectly ripe coconuts, and delicious coconut water from a carton at the store. My next goal is to use kefir grains to ferment it...
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    My mom's friend thinks how I'm eating is very unhealthy.

    She's obese and diagnosed pre-diabetic. /facepalm

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rummy View Post
    My mom's friend thinks how I'm eating is very unhealthy.

    She's obese and diagnosed pre-diabetic. /facepalm
    Kind of like never take financial advice from a guy living in a box, under a bridge...
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    I was channel surfing the other day and saw a personal trainer on a diet show giving supreme"you know what" to an obese lady for not eating every 3 hours

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grumpy Caveman View Post
    Oh, good. Now we can have people with half-digested pizza crusts flying out of their asses.
    They should probably combine it with some Alli so the pizza crusts are well-lubricated on their way out. 1st time buyer $5 discount code: GIS836

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    I was at a mothers day get together and a cousin of my wife's has breast cancer. I asked her what the doctors told her to do and she said low fat with little to no meat.

    Her husband has crohn's and eats grains but no dairy. Go figure that out.

    A friend of hers has MS. I suggested that she read Robb Wolf's book and she said oh no, she's on the board of a national MS charity, I doubt she would ever try anything that isn't main stream.

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    I am a type II diabetic and occasionally see this. I went to a diabetic expo last weekend to get the new latest and greatest. Surprisingly they are getting a lot of stuff right. They were talking about damaged fats and were recommending olive oil, but not any solvent extracted seed oil. They were talking about HFCS and it's effects accurately, and also mentioning that table sugar and corn syrup have almost the same fructose/glucose ratio. They were talking about Omega threes and fish oil. However they are still low fat and whole grain. However the lunch buffet of whole grain bread, meat, cheese, lettuce and tomato and 3 mystery sides of some sort of whole grain, oh and your choice of half an orange or an apple. I passed on the mystery sides and made a sandwich-there wasn't enough greens to make a salad and had some orange. Those two pieces of whole grain rye bread blew my blood sugar out of the water. I told the lady at the evaluation that I don't normally eat bread for that reason. There was a vender there talking about celiac and she was up on paleodiet and what it entails. Primal/paleo is getting out there and I think it will be diabetics who 'get it' next. As a diabetic however, I get less flack for eating no grains and beans and starchy vegies because I tell them it blows my blood sugar up(which is true).

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