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    I spent the last few days with my older brother and his friend. They're both around the age of 26 and 27, really into recreational sports, working out, and eating.

    I was making eggs with bacon for breakfast and my friend commented on how disgusting bacon is. The conversation went something like this:

    him: eww bacon is disgusting
    me: why is it disgusting?
    him: because it's unhealthy
    me: why is it unhealthy?
    him: why why why why, that's all you say is why. i can't even have a normal conversation with you
    me: it's a serious question, I really want to know why you think it's unhealthy
    him: because it's pure fat, and fat makes you fat, and it clogs your arteries, and you'll have a heart attack
    me: oh okay (while fighting hard not to burst out laughing)

    He tells me that whilst cutting up a large bowl of strawberries... mind you, that was his 3rd bowl of the day. He ate a bowl of strawberries for breakfast, then ate a bowl of strawberries after his workout, then ate another bowl of strawberries later in the evening. (he also had about 8oz chicken breast for dinner). But then ALL day complained about being tired, sleepy, having no energy, and starvinggggg.

    Well no shit... all you ate was sugar and fiber all day.

    Then the guys were discussing how breakfast is the most important meal of the day and you should never skip meals.

    I wanted to smack them both so hard lol, but I just bit my tongue because the friend acts like a know-it-all and gets pissy if you question his "knowledge".

    I had a good laugh though

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    I was at a restaurant with my aunt a couple of days ago. Being Italian-themed, pretty much everything was pizza or came with pasta. But one of the dishes, a chicken dish, didn't mention coming with pasta. However, I wanted to be sure. This lead to this exchange:

    Me: "The chicken cacciatore doesn't come with pasta, does it? It doesn't seem to on the menu."
    Waitress: "Actually, it does. Linguine."
    Me: "Oh, that's too bad. Any way I could get a side salad, or vegetables, or something like that instead?"
    Waitress: "Nope."
    Me: "Oh."
    Waitress: "But if you like salad...the sandwiches all come with side salads!"

    I was rather shocked at the quick, blunt "no" about swapping out the pasta. And then the sandwiches being offered as an alternative nearly made me laugh out loud. I mean, I guess I didn't explicitly say WHY I didn't want pasta, but with the increased prevalence of gluten-free diets, not to mention low-carb, you'd think she'd infer that if I didn't want pasta, I probably wouldn't be too keen on bread either.

    Since she was steadfast about not swapping out the pasta, I ended up getting the chicken Cesar salad. Without croutons of course. Which tasted good enough--the chicken was nicely grilled--but a bit...calorically deficient :P

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    The other day, my cousin (a hardcore soccer player, and "healthy eater" according to CW) and I were making a Coca-Cola Cake that she had be craving forever. As we go to make the frosting she saw that it called for a WHOLE stick of butter! Gasp! So she says to me, "How about we substitute the butter with coconut oil, that way it's healthier". I thought it was hilarious because she didn't seem to know/realize that they were both (correct me if I'm wrong) saturated fats.

    It just shocks me how uneducated people, especially fitness fanatics, know about nutrition and what they are putting in their body! :P

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    they are educated though - just by the wrong sources. I pick up a paper or magazine and its full of CW, not new research just the old truisms regurgitated over and over.

    Eat small meals often
    eat 3 serves dairy
    drink 8 glasses water
    blah blah blah

    Its mass naivety, to think that *gasp* mainstream media would.. *gulp*.. lie?

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    It's so hard to swallow my tongue about how my 18 month old nephew is eating. I know it's 'none of my business' and that it will just piss my family off... but for God's sakes... his parents feed him mostly cereal, bread, and grain bars.

    Even his grandparents/my parents feed him meals like banana (okay) and white bread. Cool... straight-up sugar. A little bit of protein from his conventional whole milk. And the thing is, they know about the dangers of grains/SAD/CW. They know I'm in the best shape (strength-wise, maybe not cardio-wise) of my life, though my dad doesn't believe in primal and credits my fitness it to magic young metabolism and good genetics even though I used to weigh 330 pounds. go figure. my mom even reads a bunch of books on ancestral eating, but she still hasn't converted.

    Sorry if this sounded all whiney and angsty... it's just frustrating to know the truth... to know what we humans should be eating.. and then seeing my loved ones stuff junk down their mouths. I can't wait for say, five years, when I'll hopefully be out on my own and making the little boy bacon and eggs when babysitting!

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    as a mum with an 18 month old, I can say its really hard to feed them paleo stuff. She hates eggs, most veg apart from mash potato. I have got her eating avocado (since 5 months old) steak, most meats except mince, nuts, cheese, and her favorite food of all time?

    Coconut. The water mainly, and can also also put a way the entire inside flesh of a young coconut.

    But as she goes to daycare 3 days a week, the food there is mostly rice, pasta and bread based. I'm considering telling them she is gluten intolerant, but am worried they will feed her gluten free versions of everything which are usually foul.

    But I have a mummy friend who's same age boy is getting ahem a bit chubby. She says he's just always hungry, and she doesn't know why, its not like she feeds him crap..Typical day of food for him is -

    breakfast - cereal, toast, porridge, banana or combination
    snack - muesli bar, rice cake, squeezy yogurt pouch, fruit
    lunch - tinned spaghetti, baked beans, muffin
    afternoon snack - same
    dinner - oven bake chips, pasta, chicken, rice, some veg

    The poor kids must be on an insulin rollercoaster

    She knows about paleo, but has a friend who goes on and on about it to the point where she is tired of hearing about it and tunes it out

    I'm hoping in 6 months or so when I've lost a significant amount of weight (hopefully) she will come around, and want to know my 'secret'
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    Tell me about it.

    We have a family at our church whose little boy is six, but he's shorter and weighs less than my three year old. Now, their whole family is short, but the white bread isn't making him grow big and strong.....
    Disclaimer: I eat 'meat and vegetables' ala Primal, although I don't agree with the carb curve. I like Perfect Health Diet and WAPF Lactofermentation a lot.

    Griff's cholesterol primer
    5,000 Cal Fat <> 5,000 Cal Carbs
    Winterbike: What I eat every day is what other people eat to treat themselves.
    TQP: I find for me that nutrition is much more important than what I do in the gym.
    bloodorchid is always right

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    Quote Originally Posted by lea View Post
    It's generally too much to ask for a well executed anything. The more I cook at home the less impressed I am with food out. So much of it wasted somewhere else, frozen and shipped. It's hard to find a restaurant that actually cooks anything these days.
    Me too!!! I am an EMT and the other night the rest of the crew (overweight men) wanted to go grab something for dinner. taco Bell. Really? I haven't walked into one in 7 years, or more. Nasty food. I couldn't eat it.

    So the other morning for shift I brought in a dozen of my own pastured eggs from my own chickens, a pound of pastured beef, mixed garden vegetables (summer and spaghetti squash, onions, mushrooms, and zucchini) fried in Cold churned Raw butter from Amish cows... made a huge scramble for the group - two paramedics, three EMTs, and the two live-ins. One of the live-ins, came in to the kitchen area, looked at the mess (it was bright yellow and looked odd, to say the least). I served him a plate and he said, "I can't eat that" and proceeded to get Panera bagels days old and canned soup and whatever other crap he usually eats...

    I feel sorry for the two live-ins. They are always eating crap and the one, Kris is nice and is struggling. So I left the left overs for her, which SHE at least was glad for. The other can pack sand.
    The eyes of all hope in thee, O Lord: and thou givest them meat in due season.
    Psalms 144:15

    Annie Sires

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    My nephew who is 3 eats a lot of crap too. He is big for his age and weighs about 45 lbs. He is solid, for now, but he eats macaroni and cheese several times a day, or ramen noodles, or cheese it crackers, Cheetos or a hot dog with either canned squirt cheese or mustard on it in a bun. He rarely eats anything else and his parents don't try to get him to try different foods to often. He goes to bed late at night and gets up very crabby. I don't feel I can say to much since he is not my child. Both his parents are struggling with their weight, especially my brother in law who is around 350 lbs. I am trying to get them to try Primal eating and hopefully get the ball rolling and hope they start getting my nephew eating better too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeri View Post
    He is solid, for now, but he eats macaroni and cheese several times a day, or ramen noodles, or cheese it crackers, Cheetos or a hot dog with either canned squirt cheese or mustard on it in a bun. He rarely eats anything else.
    That's horrible even for CW standards. Disturbingly horrible. Poor kid.

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