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    Quote Originally Posted by niles View Post
    At a farmers market last summer I asked the same thing. The kid who took my money gave me a weird look, but the cook told me he gave me extra meat to make up for the 'lack' of bread.

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    Now that's good. I usually use the bun as a kind of disposable face-wipe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RaeVynn View Post
    Yesterday, I was perusing a label, and the ingredients included this:
    "sugar, sunflower oil (canola oil, soy lecithin, natural flavor), salt..."

    Seriously? your "sunflower oil" is FAKE sunflower oil? It's really SUNFLOWER FLAVORED CANOLA OIL. With soy added.
    Uhh... thats one of the more gross and pathetic things I've seen in here. Now I want to find it so I can ridicule it, loudly, to anyone that can hear. (I'm not one graced with an overabundance of tact, often to Karockette's chagrin.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by fifer View Post
    Now that's good. I usually use the bun as a kind of disposable face-wipe.

    Love. That.
    The eyes of all hope in thee, O Lord: and thou givest them meat in due season.
    Psalms 144:15

    Annie Sires

    Freedom consists not in doing what we like, but in having the right to do what we ought.
    Pope John Paul II

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    I'm completing my annual health assessment for work - thought I'd share some of the gems:

    What kind of protein foods do you eat most often?

    (a) hamburger, hot dogs, bologna, steaks, sour cream, cheese, whole milk, eggs, fried chicken, tacos and many fast foods
    (b) low-fat protein foods: lean meats, skinless poultry, fish, skim milk, low-fat dairy products, and legumes (peas and beans)
    (c)plant proteins: legumes (peas, beans, lentils and garbanzos), tofu, soy meat alternates, nut foods, seeds, veggie burger, and vegetarian entrees
    ummm.... well...?

    What kind do you usually use?

    (a) butter, stick margarine, shortening, meat drippings
    (b) transfat-free margarine, veg. oils, or no added fats
    (c) use both about the same
    I finished the quiz - got docked points for not eating enough "Whole Grains" ... darn!

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    What the heck to they expect to learn from lumping bologna and steak and fast foods into the same category???

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    It's like the worst kind of push-polling.

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    While talking with a group of moms yesterday, one made the comment that her hubby was making a trip to his army base for the week. She sent him with a long list of groceries to buy at the commissary, because you could get 10 Lunchables for $10.00! Not five minutes later she was lamenting how difficult it was going to be for her 5 year old son to make it through a full day of kindergarten because he would even have had trouble sitting through the old-fashioned 3 hour half day one.
    Now I'm a school teacher myself, and I know it's hard for 5 year old little boys to sit still in a classroom, but let's at least try to give them the tools to help!

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    Finally made it to the end of this thread, it was like some epic, funny/sad right of passage

    My funny CW moment-

    Me (to co-worker): sugar is really bad for you, it's half fructose and half...
    Co-worker (interrupts): no hang on, that's not right; fructose is what's in fruit...
    Me: And where does sugar come from?
    Co-worker: ......uh.....I don't know...

    Oh dear. And yes, I did enlighten her, small steps...

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    And on the subject of eggs, we have 6 hens, all hybrids around 4 months old. They started out laying little eggs, these got bigger over a week or so, now we get 6 eggs per day, most are on the small side of normal, but we also get about 5 eggs per week which are HUGE and have 2 yolks.

    People: do you sell the excess eggs?
    Me: Er, what excess?


    People: what do you do with the eggs?
    Me: ...huh?.....we eat them...

    /wonders ...what the hell do THEY do with eggs?
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    Eggs! Fried Chicken! Tacos!

    What the hell? I thought people liked eggs now.
    Check out my blog. Hope to share lots of great recipes and ideas!

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