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Thread: Funny CW moments

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    Funny/Extremely Frustrating CW moment:
    My sister introduced me to Primal, and she feeds her fiance almost exclusive Primal meals (mostly Paleo actually). Because somehow he lacks the knowledge? to cook for himself. He told her, and I quote: "I think you need to make more vegetables for me to eat. All of this protein is making me aggressive."
    I nearly told her to call off the wedding.
    He also believes that butter, eggs and bacon and hollandaise sauce are sure ways to death. I tried to explain that it is what you eat after and before these foods that make them bad for you( like if you eat eggs and bacon with toast, or hollandaise sauce with an english muffin) but then he looked at me like I was an idiot and scoffed. I hate it when people automatically assume because I'm younger than them that it means I'm stupider than them.

    BAHHHHHHH *head explodes in rage*

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    I agree with you guys on Subway, Jared onlyu lost the weight because he walked to subway and got more exercise than he did prior. Also before going primal I preferred Jersey Mikes, they slice the deli meat when you order and it tastes much better than Subway. I also don't like Quiznos, they keep their meat soaking in water to keep it warm and my bread always ended up soggy, can you imagine putting that in a salad? yuck. But now I save money by not going there. Yeah!! and I really don't miss it. I always felt like the sandwiches needed more meat than what they put on them in the first place.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Narcolepticjenn View Post
    I'm home sick (I thought Primal was going to make me invincible?!), and I've been watching a lot of bad TV on the couch. The commercials during the day are all for injury lawyers, Life Alert, and questionable diet products. My favorite so far is a diet bar called Slimfull. The chipper skinny girl says something like, "Losing weight is no secret. You eat less, you lose weight! It's a great plan, until you get hungry. Then there's Slimfull.... Eating less is a beautiful thing!" Riiiiiight. If I ate one of those shitty chemical bars every day, MAYBE I would feel full enough to eat less actual food... but who says eating less food will necessarily make me lose weight? Why is that just assumed to be true? Millions of Americans are practically starving themselves on small amounts of low-calorie, low-nutrition, low-taste diets and not losing weight... How does it help to tell them to eat even less?! NO soda and NO packaged chemical crap, but MORE bacon! MORE butter! Food is not created equal -- it does matter WHAT that food is. Arghhhhh...
    You are under the misapprehension that these companies are trying to make people healthy by bringing them permanent weight loss. They are not. They exist to make money and for no other reason. They will make less money if their products work than if people use their products, fail, blame themselves for not trying hard enough, then use even more of their products.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bloodorchid View Post

    Yep, cane sugar instead of HFCS. 7 oz bottles instead of 20 oz. And the half grapefruit she compared it to probably had sugar on it. And one bottle a day instead of all the people we read about drinking a six pack a day. They didn't have to be quite as honest in advertising back then. (People even smoked and drank on tv!) Now if only the Coca had actual cocaine in it, that would be a pick me up suitable for "waste watchers."
    "Right is right, even if no one is doing it; wrong is wrong, even if everyone is doing it." - St. Augustine


    Who says back fat is a bad thing? Maybe on a hairy guy at the beach, but not on a crab.

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    if coke had coke in it i'd start drinking it again
    yeah you are

    Baby if you time travel back far enough you can avoid that work because the dust won't be there. You're too pretty to be working that hard.

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    I love this thread! Funny though, I used to be the girl who made my morning omlet with one egg and two egg whites (gave the other two yolks to my dogs and was actually kind of worried about their cholesterol ...) You just believe what has been told to you for years and years (by weight watchers)

    Anyway trying to turn my family towards healthy eating, my husband is all aboard as long as I do not take his weekend beers away from him And my 4-year old daughter is doing also pretty good, I let her eat maybe one sweet most of the days (ice-cream or some candy) Try not to be very strict as long as she eats her veggies.

    This weekend my husbands parents where at our house, my daughter stayed at home with granny for about 4 hours while we headed to the forest to chop wood (winters are really cold here and we make our own firewood. It was pretty good exercise, in the beautiful nature, sun was shining and the snow was so bright that it nearly hurt my eyes. Perfect way to spend a weekend). Anyway told my mother-in-law that we had a solid breakfast and if the little one should get hungry before we get back and have lunch (which was mashed potatoes, cauliflower in butter and pork ribs) I have sliced up some apples, she should just snack them. Ok, all good. Came back from the forest(smelling the good food from the oven made us hungry as hell) I see that some slices of apples are gone but not very much. I asked didn't she get hungry or didn't she liked the apples? And the reply was:

    mother-in-law:"Yes she did get hungry and ate some slices, but then I put the plate away so she couldn't get any more"
    Me:"mmm, okey..."
    mother-in-law:"I was afraid that the apples would make her tummy ache"
    Me:"mmm 1-2 apples is not THAT much I belive...."
    mother-in-law:"but it's okay, I had brought a bag of sweet pasties with me, she ate those, she really liked them, she ate all 10 of them"
    Me:"omg, and that did not make her tummy ache?"
    Mother-in-law:"No, they had raisins in them, they are good for you"
    Me:".?::!!:??? oh welll....."

    Ofcourse my daughter was not hungry for real food anymore. I really like my mother in law, she is great, but she has this thing about stuffing sweet things to her grand kids. The others eat a bit and do not overload really, but mine takes as much is offered. Kind of takes after her mother in that way....
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    Iunno I might have been really pissed off if I was you, with her feeding your kid like that... and I totally don't understand the limiting of the apples; but that's why CW is so messed up, people have no idea what is actually healthy and really strange ideas about what is healthy...

    For me, new item to avoid: my well-meaning husband brings me home a drink from Sonic, I can taste the styrofoam of the container in the drink... gross. It seems every day I have to resolve to definitely avoid yet another ubiquitous SAD item ><

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    Was home in WV this weekend, my mother who is diabetic was eating a bagel with peanut butter on it and she tells me she read in consumer magazine if you need some energy to eat this I told her yeas but it will also raise her blood sugar sky high and then she will crash. She ate it anyway. You can't tell her anything.

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    I mentioned to a coworker that my preference is to work out in the morning, in a fasted state, and then get breakfast afterwards. And that, depending on my schedule on a particular day, I might not have breakfast if it's not a workout day, and then just eat lunch when I get around to it. Terror in her eyes, she implored that I don't do that, because it's extremely dangerous, and I was liable to collapse at a moment's notice, and would require immediate medical attention.

    There was also that time that my aunt made non-fat (or low-fat, don't remember) chocolate lava cake, and another aunt of mine goes "Oh cool, so now you can have it!"

    Uh...that's not how this works....

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    (After a coworker asked why I wasn't eating the bread that came with my salad and I briefly explained that i don't eat bread and a tiny bit about why)

    Him: We'll what do you do for peanut butter and jelly?
    Me: I don't eat it.
    Him: What are you, a communist?!?
    No disease that can be treated by diet should be treated with any other means.

    The cure for anything is salt water - sweat, tears, or the sea.

    Babes with BBQ

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