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    Quote Originally Posted by Warmbear View Post

    Everywhere I go I find them with bread crumbs or some variation in them. I take it that is not the norm? How sad.
    I grew up in Canada but we mostly had our own farm stuff , when I lived in the US some did & some dident, you just had to check the labels.. I seem to remember it was more of a problem in Florida (lots of processed food for the retirement crowd?) , In Oregon we usally got "sausage meat" not links so it was usally just meat & spices.
    Over Here.. Its ALL got "rusk" (wheat filler) in it as standard. I get my butcher to make mine without though & since I started asking for it theve started keeping the GF beef & bacon sausages in stock so im guessing they found other people buying them to. Im lucky to have a good butcher that runs there own farm so I know where the meats coming from and I can get stuff you wouldn't necessarily find in the standard butchers shop.
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    One of my friends' photos on facebook this morning:

    "Breakfast of champions! Bowl of oatmeal with exactly 15 almonds, and a cup of coffee. Then off to the gym for the treadmill!"

    Me: "A real champion eats bacon for breakfast and smashes some heavy weights."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Warmbear View Post
    I have a bit of pet peeve about sausages here in Quebec, I have to hunt and pester to find sausages that dont have bread crumbs or corn starch in them. I have my local butcher make them for me now but he wont make too many as I cant afford too many.

    Everywhere I go I find them with bread crumbs or some variation in them. I take it that is not the norm? How sad.
    I just got a heavy duty meat grinder and am going to start making my own!

    Plus ground beef with chuck + short rib.

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    Quote Originally Posted by naiadknight View Post
    I was in water aerobics yesterday. My classmates were talking about healthy foods and alternative practices. One classmate was swearing up, down and sideways that doing a coffee enema was the best thing for her headaches and had made them go away completely if she did them regularly. I asked if she thought it might be a sensitivity or maybe brought on by something she was eating that she could remove from her diet. I got looked at like I grew a third eye. Yeah. She's the one putting coffee up her ass and I'm the weird one for suggesting the headaches could be caused by food.
    But(t lol) is she getting her coffee shots 4x every day? She's not reaping all the benefits if she's not!
    Click for the horror.
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    Thats it. I am moving to New Zealand.

    Quote Originally Posted by magicmerl View Post
    You've short-circuited the process by feeding the grain to the cow first, right?

    I'm so lucky that's not an economically viable thing to do here.
    You know all those things you wanted to do: You should go do them.

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    It's not the heat, it's the stupidity.
    I absofreakinlutely love espresso, but it's sooooo much better orally than anally.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JoanieL View Post
    I absofreakinlutely love espresso, but it's sooooo much better orally than anally.
    That sounds like you have tried it both ways...
    Most people don't realize how much energy it takes for me to pretend to be normal.

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    My 70yo mother is participating in a study funded by the National Cattlemen's Beef Association (US). The three groups are 3oz of beef/day plus exercise, 3oz beef with no exercise and no beef plus exercise. Everybody get nutritional counseling. My mother was very up front in her initial interview that she rarely eats beef and was not keen to eat it every day. So she ends up in the no beef group! Think there might be some selection bias in those groups?! And 3oz of beef? WTF? Unless you're vegan, I doubt that's enough to see an effect.

    On the bright side, she meets with the grad student who is doing her nutritional counseling. She's been counting calories since November (not smartly, IMO) and she's down to 1200 cal/day. She's obese with Type 2 diabetes and sleep apnea, so even a lame attempt to lose weight is probably better than nothing. The grad student says,"Your fats are awfully low. How are you doing on 1200 calories?". Mom admits she hungry all the time. Grad student recommends nuts and olive oil. So now Mom is eating 1/2 a peanut butter sandwich every day. And cooking her Egg Beaters in olive oil. No eggs yolks though, those are death bombs in her mind, lol.
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    Yesterday at work, a co-worker was complaining about trying to lose weight and being stuck on a plateau. Personally, I would consider her perfectly healthy-looking, maybe a little soft around the middle, but nothing terrible, with some very impressive arm muscles. She told me that she goes to a weight-loss clinic every two weeks, and that they're going to "put her on probation" if she doesn't lose four pounds this month. She's already on the strongest appetite-suppressants they can prescribe as well as a low fat, very low carb diet. If she gets put on probation, they'll stop giving her the appetite suppressants (the horror!).

    Her solution to losing those four pounds? Start taking water pills and change up her current gym routine. Instead of the heavy lifting she currently does with her bodybuilder husband, she'll start doing a whole bunch of cardio instead, for at least an hour every day, and use Nautilus machines.

    I wanted so badly to point out that most of the weight she'll lose on that plan will be water and those lovely muscles she's built, but I don't think she would have listened. Knowing her, she'd be ok with losing those muscles as long as the number on the scale goes down and she gets to keep taking appetite suppressants. Gotta love the logic. Take nasty chemicals that interfere with basic bodily processes and lose important muscle so that you can keep taking different nasty chemicals that interfere with basic bodily processes. Personally, I'd prefer to suppress my appetite by eating actual food and getting full, but hey, I'm crazy that way.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Finnegans Wake View Post
    I just got a heavy duty meat grinder and am going to start making my own!

    Plus ground beef with chuck + short rib.
    this. My butcher has MSG in his sausage but he grinds the pork for me and I make my own.

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