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Thread: Funny CW moments

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    Quote Originally Posted by Warmbear View Post
    Discussing Paleo on FB tonight and a woman chimes in that cave men did not eat meat, they were Vegetarians till farming came along and taught them how to kill animals......... sigh. ...

    Dear Goddess, this is like those newbie pagans that think that all ancient peoples were peaceful, matriarchal societies that lived in total peace and harmony until testosterone showed up.

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    My mother was cutting some orange slices for my niece, when my brother in law (nieces father) piped up, "She can't have fruit now! The sugars will keep her awake when she's supposed to be napping." He then lectures my mother on the 'dangers of fructose' while feeding his daughter a plate full of his french fries COVERED in ketchup, and a golf ball sized milk chocolate truffle as a reward for using the potty. Apparently the 1 newspaper article he read on Fructose has made him an expert on nutrition and biochemistry.


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    So Dr Murray was on my local news station in his Health Factors tidbit..."Without the help of a dietary fibre it is dificult for people to feel satisfied enough to actually limit portion size." So his plan add highly viscous fibre to your diet OR eat meat, veg and lots of healthy fat - Face/Palm
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    Quote Originally Posted by Laoch View Post
    Have you tasted menstrual blood? Plus, thanks for ruining steak on me!
    My husband said that the comment didn't ruin steak for him, but it made menstrual blood sound much tastier.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Laoch View Post
    Have you tasted menstrual blood?
    You say this like it is a bad thing. And yes, I have earned by Red Wings.

    Sorry to contribute to the southbound direction of this tread.
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    Quote Originally Posted by texas.grok View Post
    Facebook is to intelligence what a black hole is to light

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    As I understand it, menstrual blood was one of the "magical ingredients" used by practitioners of dark magic in days of yore.

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    My eye-roll for the week:

    Went to a café for lunch with friends - yay, they have a menu clearly marked with gluten-free meals (as well as dairy-free, vegetarian, etc). The item which caught my eye and was marked as GF was a bacon/vegie frittata with side salad. Sounds good. I order it. It is served to me.

    The side salad is a pasta salad.

    When I ask the waitress in what parallel universe a pasta salad is considered gluten-free, she just looks at me blankly ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sigi View Post

    When I ask the waitress in what parallel universe a pasta salad is considered gluten-free, she just looks at me blankly ...
    you made her think too hard..

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    It could have been corn or rice flour pasta. Gluten free, just not carb free.

    But yes you did hurt her brain.

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    I don't know if this is a funny CW moment. My beautiful wife has been PB since September and has lost like 25 pounds and no longer complains all the time about various aches and pains and generally feeling like crap all the time. Anyway she used to be really fat (like 5'2" and over 200lbs.) and has been overweight most of her life. She is now the smallest I have ever seen her (been together for almost 20 years) and I can't stop starring at her with lust. Anyway back to the topic...Her mom is now really nagging her a bunch thinking my wife is "starving" herself. Today my wife felt pretty nauseous for some reason and of course the MIL chimed in with you feel sick cuz you are starving yourself. This is coming from the same lady who still eats sweets like they are the last supper and drinks two things either sweet tea or Coke! I have never seen her drink water EVER in all the years I've been with the wife. She is overweight (but not obese) and refuses to quit smoking. She even was smoking while wearing a nicotine patch! Funny how somebody who is a train wreck health wise trying to tell someone they are living a unhealthy lifestyle. Makes me wanna laugh.
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    I love this way of eating and hope to be able to help others.

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