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    Instead of keeping my carbs from 50-100 for "weight-loss" i am now between 100-150 a day. I'm still perfecting the right balance of protein and fat to help with cravings.

    today for example... I want that delicious Spicy Cashew Chicken over Rice from the cheesecake factory. I don't even want the cheesecake..
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    I had breakfast on my trip at a restaurant. Nice omelet, cooked in butter. The "lighter side" menu item was granola, fruit and yogurt with a giant muffin. Fat free. Plenty of sugar though.

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    10 years ago (preprimal), I lived in america. And yes, the only 'healthy' eating option I could find was subway. I probably ate there 4 times a week.
    Disclaimer: I eat 'meat and vegetables' ala Primal, although I don't agree with the carb curve. I like Perfect Health Diet and WAPF Lactofermentation a lot.

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    Well, my funny moment is the way I talk back to commercials.

    Have any of you seen that awful commercial where the animals are talking about how they always have energy and are always, ahem, doing it? And the deer says "Maybe humans would be more human if they ate naturally!" And it shows a woman eating bran flakes or something. I was like, "What is natural about eating that crap? This be bullshite!" And my mom was like, "The TV can't hear you. I agree though." Ah, good times...

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    Yes, go and eat the contents of all the packets growing on the trees!

    Here's my absolute classic for the day:
    BBC News - Deep-fried Mars bars disowned by chocolate firm

    The world would be a much less funny place if anyone at all at Mars had a sense of irony.

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    I sort of regret never trying a deep fried mars bar, plenty of places do them here.
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    My vegan friend told me that I get mosquito bites because I eat animal products. She continued to say how because she is vegan that she doesn't get mosquito bites anymore.

    However, she gets sunburned extremely easily, gets B vitamin shots regularly, and has rosacea on her face.
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    This year's deep fried "goodness" at the Texas state fair: deep fried jambalaya and deep fried bacon cinnamon roll.
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    I got on this e-mail list with "parenting" ideas (many of which make me *facepalm*) just because I wanted to win a contest for a super-cool stainless steel lunch container... I can't seem to unsub (despite numerous attempts, some code is broken or something), today's headline:

    5 kid-approved cupcakeries!

    *facepalm* I don't even know where to start with this one... I'll go with... I didn't realize cupcakeries got DISapproval from most kids (except, of course, the kids that don't really eat sweets). Usually the phrase "kid-tested" is applied to supposed health food (you know, Kix cereal, Ironkids bread [oops, I'm showing my age with that one], etc.)... right? *facewall*

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    Ask them if eating dog shit is good for you, in moderation.
    My dog thinks so. *puke*

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