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    Quote Originally Posted by sires6 View Post
    This month's Muscle & Fitness had an Olympic Profile of one of the male gymnasts who is primal... so basically, all the really good athletes use McDonalds... but only to pay for their Primal!
    Who was the athlete please? I love reading about the ones who follow this way of life.
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    a girl asked me at lunch if I'm following any sort of special diet. I said "yes, Primal, it's similar to the Paleo diet if you've heard of that" and I explained a little bit about not eating grains or processed foods, eating whole foods, lots of good fats, etc. she said "oh yeah, I do that too!" and I got excited for a sec, until she said "it's like, you just eat all gluten-free versions of stuff, right? I bought this great gluten-free pizza and gf muffins! you HAVE to try them"

    ... no, that's not the same.
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    Quote Originally Posted by smilingjustalittlebit View Post
    Who was the athlete please? I love reading about the ones who follow this way of life.
    Brandon Wynn, Gymnast
    The eyes of all hope in thee, O Lord: and thou givest them meat in due season.
    Psalms 144:15

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    The stories of people seeing but totally not realizing reminds me of a story I read somewhere. Not that I believe the story, but its just funny, and makes you think.

    Story is that when Columbus's ships pulled up in the new world, that the Native Americans couldn't see them, because they had never seen anything like it, and just couldn't comprehend what in the hell even the idea of a ship. So, essentially, the whole fleet was just invisible.

    But one of the older men of the tribe noticed that the breaking of waves and such in the water wasn't right, so he sat on the shore for a couple of days, just staring, because he knew something was there. And then, suddenly, he could see them. And with someone they respected telling them to look, and giving them the description, the rest of the tribe was eventually able to see the ships as well.

    Don't remember where I read it, but reading this thread does seem to make it seem plausible. :lol:
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    Someone close to me wanted to start Primal when i did, 13 weeks ago. I bought PB and Paleo books, which i read and shared with her.

    She only lasted a few days and then told me she didn't want to buy 'all that food' (but will quite happily buy chocolate, biscuits, bread and low fat yoghurts every night in place of a meal). I really tried at the time to help her and we had some good discussions, however, i think CW was too strong. She's still the same weight and announced to me yesterday that she will be going to the gym every day now in a bid to lose weight. Ahh maaan, makes me wonder if she did actually read the books!

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    I know this used to be my logic....

    But I met a couple of vegetarian friends for a drink at an Italian restaurant. The guy used to be very heavy, but used HCG to lose weight. He looks better, but he clearly did not put on muscle and looks to be regaining a bit. So I was talking about going to a steak house, and he starts pontificating about how much people overeat meat. (Ummm, iirc, he was normal, became veg and got very obese). They are going on about how a daily portion is all you should eat and that is 3 ounces. Size of your palm. People overeat meat and that is why they are fat....They need to eat more veggies (But, but you were a fat vegetarian and so was I).

    So I sipped my drink and they ordered. Out came the bread and it was devoured. I had no drive for a piece so just sipped my drink. He probably drank 4 beers. So then came out the entree for him- giant platter of pasta and shrimp in a creamy looking sauce, no veggies. He ate the whole thing. I'm going to say that he had more than the "fist size" serving of "grains". He probably had 8-10 servings of grains with the bread and pasta. His friend had a salad that she didn't eat except for the croutons and more bread.

    Now, I'm just saying.... if you are going to lecture on eating "MORE THAN 3 OUNCES OF MEAT", while eating probably 10 portions of grains and exactly no vegetables, you'd better look like Mr. Olympia. I went home and had (zomg) 6 !!!11!!! ounces of ground beef. and some spinach, an egg and some cole slaw. Y'all just ate probably 2000 empty calories and were lecturing me on eating maybe 500 calories of nutrition.

    You don't maybe think that it's not all meats fault? I brought up McDonalds- yeah, you eat 1/4 lb of beef.... but alongside it fries, a big bun and a big soda. It's not all meats fault. It's also starches. He just kind of stared blankly.

    Beef, poor beef maligned by all.

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    love the story Magnolia! Amazing!

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    My husband and I have been primal for eight months. Friday evening, my in-laws came over just as we arrived home with a side of grass-finished beef to load into our new chest freezer. While my husband was loading the freezer I went to the garden to pick a bag each of lettuce, kale, and Swiss chard for the in-laws to take home. After I gave them the greens, my father in law made a comment, "I thought you might be vegetarians now." I was puzzled why he would say that, especially after seeing our car load of beef, but since I had just handed him three bags of greens, I thought maybe he was referring to that. So I said, "Why would we be vegetarians? That's not healthy." He said, "Well, by now that might be your next new change."

    Obviously he still thinks Primal is a fad, and despite the fact that I gave my mother-in-law the book Wheat Belly, (she read part before I got impatient after two months and asked for it back) to get her off the wheat, neither of them totally get the eliminate wheat, let alone all grains concept. Bread is such a staple in most people's minds, it's really hard for them to comprehend giving it up. So, I was trying to be polite and not show that I was offended by my father-in-law's snarky wise crack about this week's fad being turning into vegetarians.

    But then he pushed me over the edge when he gave me the old saw, "Moderation in all things."

    I said, "I wouldn't eat rat poison in moderation, and it doesn't make sense to eat food in moderation that you know is bad for you."

    That temporarily shut him up.

    I didn't weigh myself when I started Primal because I was ashamed of my weight, but I have lost 30-40 pounds, eliminated my arthritis, lower back pain, constant burping, occassional acne outbreaks (I'm in my 50s!) and have experienced a host of other health benefits. I am NOT going to reintroduce foods that cause inflammation and make me unhealthy. If this is a fad, then it is a wise and logical fad that WORKS!
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    We were playing cards last night with friends and the radio was on in the background. At one point between songs I heard the DJ say something about how lard is not a food group, and he went on to say that by just cutting meat out of your diet you will lose 30lbs per year.

    So I was talking about going to a steak house, and he starts pontificating about how much people overeat meat. (Ummm, iirc, he was normal, became veg and got very obese). They are going on about how a daily portion is all you should eat and that is 3 ounces. Size of your palm. People overeat meat and that is why they are fat....They need to eat more veggies (But, but you were a fat vegetarian and so was I).
    I hate this. I put The Chew on in the background at home if I'm cleaning or doing other housework, sometimes Michael Symon makes something that looks good. but every time he cooks any kind of meat he has to say that he only ever eats 3oz at a time. Which is such crap, because 3oz is not really that much food.

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    Quote Originally Posted by magnolia1973 View Post
    People overeat meat and that is why they are fat.
    Yeah, because every time I see obese people eating, it's always a steak. Never a huge plate of pasta or a burger with a big bun and a plate full of fries or and ice cream sundae or a Big Gulp or a big piece of cake...
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