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Thread: Funny CW moments

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gravyboat View Post
    Fat monkeys put on diet - Telegraph

    Synopsis: Monkeys were fed bread, monkeys became fat. Monkeys stopped eating bread, monkeys lost weight.

    Does no one see the connection here?
    Given the dietary advice to eat a balanced diet, with a balanced diet apparently being 60-70% carbs then no. If someone could explain how 60-70% carbs is balanced I'd appreciate it

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    My family all got together this weekend for my birthday and my SIL reluctantly says to me: "guess who's eating Goldfish crackers, now?" and I look down and there is my 10 month old nephew with Goldfish in his hands. Also gets french fries now, a well as eggroll pieces, and processed "treats" from gerber (Gerber Graduates Waffle Wheels Maple - Nestle - Toys "R" Us)

    babies don't need that stuff!! arghgh!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Baloo View Post
    If someone could explain how 60-70% carbs is balanced I'd appreciate it
    I tell people if they really want to claim they eat a balanced diet, they should be eating 100g carbs, 100g protein, and 100g fat every day. Then and only then can they tell me their diet is balanced. None of this 300g carbs, 35g protein, 0g fat nonsense.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hannahc View Post
    Ha seriously. When I cook a whole chicken in the oven I pick all of the meat off, put it in a container, then pour all the leftover broth and fat in the pan into the storage container. Gotta fatten up that breast meat!
    This made me chortle. Chortle I tell you! The other day my wife caught me gluttonously spooning the sweet, sweet mixture of coconut oil, chicken fat, and hot sauce (only peppers/salt/vinegar!) directly from the lukewarm frying pan and into my mouth. I felt guilty for a second, but only for a second.

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    From a Magnesium article:
    But if you are already magnesium deficient, you would need to become a vegan to get the large amounts of magnesium that you would need in order to replace your low magnesium stores. But for most people, simply taking Magnesium Supplements is the better choice. If this is a better choice for you, then keep reading to find out the right Magnesium Dosage...

    Because bone broth is so useless?
    Steak, eggs, potatoes - fruits, nuts, berries and forage. Coconut milk and potent herbs and spices. Tea instead of coffee now and teeny amounts of kelp daily. Let's see how this does! Not really had dairy much, and gut seems better for it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Knifegill View Post
    From a Magnesium article:

    Because bone broth is so useless?
    I don't know. Seems obvioous to me too. But I'm a freak of nature anyway because the stuff they tell you is the best didn't work at all well for me, and the stuff that worked the best for me is supposed to be crap.

    Guess I'll never be normal. Not that I'm trying to be...

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    On "The Big Bang Theory" -

    Mrs. Cooper: "The trick to pancakes is bacon grease. I cook everything in it."

    Leonard: "Everything? Aren't you worried about your health?"

    Mrs. Cooper: "Oh, doctors are always changing their mind. One week bacon grease is bad for you. The next week we're not getting enough of it."

    [audience laughs]
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    Hahah, last night my perform public team had a food morning food and after my complete of fried egg warm part up and sausage I was complete (while the relax still ate the pastries, hot cakes and toasted bread plus the sausage and eggs) and I said fortunate I just didn't carry my lunchtime as this was enough to last me until supper, which was real, and the guy next to me was stunned and said if I just didn't eat lunchtime my metabolic rate would slowly down and cause bodyweight gain! I stupidly said I silent often skip foods if I am not starving and you should already know them all, oh my jeeze it was entertaining, like morning food is the most essential food of the day and if I do not eat it I am jeopardizing illnesses and I need carbohydrate food for power, I should be consuming 6 little foods a day otherwise I will decline up and die, etc…it really is a no win disagreement with them so I just close up and sat there understanding I was doing the right factor for me.

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    AAArrrrggghhhhh It amazes me how little most people know about food, nutrition and health. I mentioned I was Paleo last night to friends who had not seen me in 5 months, I was 60 lbs lighter than last time and they noticed it. I explained what a paleo lifestyle was about and 1. I am a know it all show off, 2. All those extra calories will make me fat because I am not chasing a gazelle every day, 3. Everyone knows cavemen died at 35 ergo my theories are clearly false.

    I eat about 2000 cal a day, I am loosing weight now in dribs and drabs not in great whacking globs but still. One guy said, all that fat goes directly into my bloodstream, solid, undigested and dilutes my blood with sticky congealed fat???? His ex wife was a dietitian so he should know. He also claimed my lack of carbs would lead me to pass out all the time from low blood sugar.

    The new Vegan in the group claimed eating food that's been killed is immoral and unhealthy ( she is 400 lbs) as she chowed down on a soy Souvlaki wrap and french fries..... She is also going to have the lap band operation soon as it is the best way to lose weight.

    I never learn, I cant keep my mouth shut, I have to try and show them the way over and over no matter that I am talking to a wall.
    Primal since April 2012 Male 6' 3" SW 345lbs CW 240lbs GW 220lbs and when I get there I am getting a utlikilt. This one actually.

    Join me at, where all the cavemen hang out.

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    My Birthday is coming up at the end of the week and my MIL fixes dinner for everyone on their Bdays. So that individual gets to choose what they want. I called her and said anything chicken or porkchop meat related and vegetables. I said that i would endulge in a little vanilla ice cream (just b/c every one else would be there and it would be a nice treat), but NO cake.
    She asked in her sweet southern drawl... "Would you like pie to go with the ice cream?" .... oy.

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