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    The last time I asked for no toast the server asked me if I had any allergies that she should tell the kitchen about. I appreciated that, although I don't have any. When I told her that, she just said "So you're just a toast hater?" in a fun/flirty way. It was amusing.
    I wish I liked to eat liver.

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    Quote Originally Posted by doghug View Post
    This happens to me too. Whenever I tell them no toast they always say " would you like a biscuits" or some other trash.
    If I go to Cracker Barrel, I am having some of their biscuits. If I'm going to eat trash, I'm going to eat tasty trash, with gravy!
    AKA: Texas Grok

    Quote Originally Posted by texas.grok View Post
    Facebook is to intelligence what a black hole is to light

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    This is from Better Homes and Gardens.

    Easy Healthy Recipe Substitutions

    Use Marshmallow Creme, Not Butter

    Why substitute?
    One serving of marshmallow creme has no fat or cholesterol, compared with the 11.5 grams of fat and 31 mg of cholesterol in one serving of butter.

    Use Egg Substitute, Not Whole Egg

    Why substitute?
    Whole eggs are high in cholesterol, containing 2/3 the daily recommended total. Choose an egg substitute that contains no fat or cholesterol.

    Use Cooking Spray, Not Butter

    Why substitute?
    When making this substitution, you're cutting out the fat from the butter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Primitiva View Post
    This is from Better Homes and Gardens.

    Easy Healthy Recipe Substitutions

    Auuuuughhhhh why???
    Stupid, fat hobbitses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by paleo pika View Post
    auuuuughhhhh why???
    Stupid, fat hobbitses.
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    A few weeks ago I was at a BBQ hosted where the guests all work at my hospital in the education department. Among the guests there was a dietician with a squishy middle, a life long vegetarian male who was short, and a life long vegetarian female who was obese. To accommodate their dietary issues there was garlic bread ( all of the above had 2 slices) quinoa salad, fruit salad, green salad with tofu, potato salad, chicken kabobs chutney sauce (served separately) (for the non vege heads), and brownies and tarts for dessert. The topic of conversation that excited them the most was their planning of a cupcake tasting party, but they balked at one suggestion of the chocolate-bacon cupcake they had heard about.

    I had 5 chicken skewers with a dab of chutney, and green salad sans tofu. I contributed nothing to the cupcake discussion (other than my unspoken disdain and eye rolls)

    How I would love to go to a primal BBQ.


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    Well, we've moved on a bit, but as for helicopter parents when I was younger I had a friend that I played with all the time. She had two older brothers and a younger sister and lived in a very small house. Her mother would kick us out to play and tell us that we better not come back unless there was "blood, vomit, or visible bone." Yeah, no helicopter parents there. Best playmate ever.

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    I've been watching old seasons of Biggest Loser and at the end of each episode it recommends to viewers to consult their doctor before starting a new diet/exercise regime. funny because, in our opinion, most medical doctors know diddly squat about nutrition and exercise

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    Quote Originally Posted by quelsen View Post
    Quit effing my effing t*ts? That statement imparts far too much information about your personal life, quelly.
    In all of the universe there is only one person with your exact charateristics. Just like there is only one person with everybody else's characteristics. Effectively, your uniqueness makes you pretty average.

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    marshmallow fluff to replace butter?

    ...unholy abomination, zomgwtfbbq
    yeah you are

    Baby if you time travel back far enough you can avoid that work because the dust won't be there. You're too pretty to be working that hard.

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