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    I had lots of allergies when I was a kid, and since I couldn't drink milk, I had to take calcium tablets. Probably why I never broke any bones, although I had at least 3 concussions and around a hundred stitches by the time I was 8.

    Then I learned to weld and use a cutting torch, got burned (not owies, but where you can smell the skin) several times, and had lots of stuff fall on my head, and got cut on stuff we were working on.

    Plus the cows... they'd knock you around sometimes, too. And I wore glasses, so if I was looking where I was walking, the frames made a blind spot about forehead high, meaning I walked into limbs, lumber, steel....

    Once I slipped and fell from the top of the hay stack onto the back end of the hay truck and bounced off onto the ground, with a bale of hay landing on top of me. I sat up, found my glasses and stood up. My dad then said, "Careful - you'll fall." A common phrase of his was, "He's okay. It just hit his head."

    My mom would have had fits for most of the stuff that happened, but my dad helped keep it in context. :-) And I learned how to get out of the mess and bandage myself, and most importantly, not panic.

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    Ha-ha. My Dad would do the same. See me crash my bike into some bushes and just watch, maybe provide some insight. Made me think for myself. And, to this day, I rarely panic.

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    I've seen plenty of parents that should have stopped at foreplay.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RitaRose View Post
    I've seen plenty of parents that should have stopped at foreplay.
    That's awesome (not that you've seen them, but the way you said it) My blog exploring the beginning stages of learning how to homestead. With the occasional rant.

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    Quote Originally Posted by quelsen View Post
    how could they miss such an obvious correlation even if they do not want to attribute causation?? .
    Love it. :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by naiadknight View Post
    No, they sure as bleepity bleep don't! When wheat's a trigger for your depression and sugar exacerbates it, a cupcake is just a depressive day waiting to happen. I don't give a flying fark how good it tastes.
    (Yes, I know, funny CW moment, blahblahblah. She just happened to hit the right nerve with that image.)
    QFT. Days when I have just maybe a little too much sugar (even natural sugars like honey and fruit) and/or have a little "cw treat" that has a high dose of sugar and/or wheat, i notice immediately how my anxiety starts creeping back. Ive also noticed that i tend to have little bouts of depression almost exactly a day and a half after having too much to drink (which these days is anything over two glasses of wine/beer). Makes mondays oh so much better.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Primitiva View Post

    I am speechless
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    yeah you are

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    Quote Originally Posted by drssgchic View Post
    And only ones that WANT children, not the "oopsies" and "I should's" that account for so many.
    *raises hand as an oopsie*

    My oldest is another contraception oopsie. She's a teenager now, and the joy of my life.

    But the response to the Mother Theresa quote is always predictable, and exactly why I don't use it. There are few who knew the cold, hard truth of unwanted children better than she did.
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    It's true that the population is growing at a worrying rate. There are things we can do about it like learning how to share resources more efficiently, waste less, and provide education about contraception. There's a correlation between literacy rate and birth rate. There are an increasing number of countries where the birth rate has fallen to below 2 births per woman.

    I don't agree with statements like, 'some people shouldn't be allowed...' There certainly are many children being born who are not going to be looked after well. But you can't really stop someone from reproducing. Who can deny anyone their right to a family? I would rather say, 'some people need to be educated.'
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