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Thread: Funny CW moments

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    Quote Originally Posted by naiadknight View Post
    I'm not gonna lie- that does have an "Oh cool!" factor. Until I opened the link, I was afraid it was along the lines of a homemade version of your dyed farm-salmon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chumbert View Post
    Speaking of The Biggest Loser, I saw an article the other day about Bob Harper the trainer. It was saying that he has recently discovered Crossfit.... I hope it leads him down this road and he discovers Primal.
    Naw, what he'll do is create his own version of a CrossFit workout and put it on DVD. It will be terrible and experienced people will LOL at it on You Tube, just like his awful kettlebell DVDs.

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    Been wearing my "water socks" to work lately. I needed some lightweight, feel the turf shoes but can't afford VFF's quite yet. They're black, teal and royal blue -- which doesn't bother me, but they do attract attention!
    One co-worker: "How can you wear those all day? They don't have a bit of support!"

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    So I'm talking to my boss about shoes today. He's mentioned before that he has vibrams, but he also wears padded shoes too. I told him I just ordered Merrell's, so I'll have vibrams, merrell's, and Nike Free's. I'm trying to get barefoot style shoes for every occasion, including casual wear. He tells me that's great until I blow out my knee and I have to wear padded shoes. Facepalm. I thought he got it, guess not.

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    Been lurking for a while, but my very first post on this forum! My brother, who is a fairly big guy, is starting to be healthy. Breackfast is a banana, apple, grapes, low fat yoghurt, lunch is grilled chicken and fries....not sure how that healthy and dinner is vege-burger. When I asked why he doesn't want a proper bit of meat he said "cuz meat has too much fat".

    So potato deep fried in vegetable oil is ok, but a piece of beef and veggies is going to kill him!!

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    So I've just about reached the 3-week mark and have dropped just about 15lbs so far. On a whim, I decided to do a google search for "lose 15lbs in three weeks" to see what CW says you have to do to attain these results. Found a diet called "15/21, and it allows you to lose fifteen pounds in twenty-one days."

    It says at the top of the page that most people first try and exercise a ton when they need to lose weight quickly, but this does not tend to work.

    When you do not see any results from these hard workouts, you will start thinking about decreasing your caloric intake and will try harder in the gym. Unfortunately, your caloric intake will not be sufficient for your body to function properly; your body will sense starvation and will try to avoid this by storing as much energy as it can. Needless to say, your body stores it in the form of fats.
    So far so good. Now we scroll down to the sample menu.

    ......1325 calories per day and just 20g of fat?........

    Plain oatmeal for breakfast? White rice and skinless chicken breast? Steamed everything?

    Uhmm. Gee. No thanks! I will stick with bacon/eggs/cheese fried in coconut oil, homemade chicken soup with half a stick of butter in it, sweet potato chips, lemon and garlic butter asparagus, creamy full-fat curries.. mmmm.

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    so during my workout tonight a gal tells me now that she has had gastric bypass she is GUARANTEED not to ever get diabetes. The FDA will announce it soon... oh that Dr. Oz is a genius and has so many good ideas to lose weight.

    my response: don't bet the farm on the gastric bypass info and Dr. Oz is a media whore who will hock whatever for the highest bidder.

    (ugh.. don't screw with a girl who wants a chocolate fix but is on an IF)

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    Okay, just this once maybe a CW funny source is right. Dr. Kruse says that when the vagus nerve is cut during bariatric surgery, it has some effect that ends diabetes forever. It is obviously the worst possible way to end diabetes short of death, but it's actually true. I'm sure that the belly surgeons have $$$ in their eyes and can't wait to make this the news of the century.
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    I had a presentation to give today for a food engineering course in which I am enrolled, specifically on grain processing and potential health benefits of resistant starch type-5 (which are honestly not very well-characterized). I kept my discussion of grain processing to the milling of the commonest cereal grains (wheat, maize, and rice) and to the Chorleywood bread process, which allowed me to talk a bit more in depth on the actual effects of grains on the body. I talked about phytic acid, the effect of lectins on the body, particularly on the joints, managing to slip some primal science under the radar. I thought the class gathered took it all in, but the very first question of the following question-and-answer session was to the effect of "but... but... whole grains are good for you!" Which is, the reader will realize, not a question at all. I spent a whole half hour explaining why grains need to be milled, the effect of phytic acid on mineral absorption - essentially, all the reasons for the traditional processing steps of milling, soaking, et cetera, all useful for those who do eat grains and which seem largely lost to this generation fixated on their whole-wheat bread. It's a mantra; nothing less.

    If that was the only CW moment that class, I could have handled it. However, the other groups presenting today gave presentations that were rife with the conventional wisdom. The saturated fat and cholesterol leads to heart disease hypothesis from the meat processing group... which was presented by an extraordinarily heavyset girl that, it breaks my heart to say, bought into the low-fat domga hook, line, and sinker. I dared not start a debate in the middle of class when I knew I would have no support. Ugh. Head down, power through the day...
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    Quote Originally Posted by MamaGrok View Post
    Okay, just this once maybe a CW funny source is right. Dr. Kruse says that when the vagus nerve is cut during bariatric surgery, it has some effect that ends diabetes forever. It is obviously the worst possible way to end diabetes short of death, but it's actually true. I'm sure that the belly surgeons have $$$ in their eyes and can't wait to make this the news of the century.
    I hadn't heard of this, so I had to look it up. Apparently they do this to stop people from being able to feel hunger. From Wikipedia (I know, not the ideal source, but wevs):

    One serious side-effect of a Vagotomy is a Vitamin B-12 deficiency later in life - i.e., 10 years - that is similar to pernicious anemia. As one gets older, the stomach produces less acid. The acid, and one of its components called Intrinsic Factor, is needed to metabolize B-12 from food. The vagotomy reduces the acid that ultimately leads to the deficiency, which, if left untreated, causes nerve damage, tiredness, dementia, paranoia, and ultimately death.
    Yup, sounds delightful. *shudder*
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