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    Quote Originally Posted by hazmat View Post
    Does anyone feel like an alien a little bit when everyone else around you is eating crappy processed grain, soy, hydrogenated fats, sugar all day? You know saying anything is useless and makes people think you are crazy? You have this information in your head that you want to share and help people but it's never worth saying anything. 99.9% of the population seem to be zombies eating processed food, taking pharma drugs and living on a treadmill.
    I swear I am getting more and more distant from the normal people every day. I started out with WAPF and moved to this and my family thinks I'm weird.

    "What can you eat?" I always want to answer "Well anything that won't kill me!"
    "What can I fix you" ... I'll just have some of that sugar and salt sweetened vomit you're serving so I can go back to weighing 220 lbs, thank you"

    But that is WAY WAY WAY in the back of my mind, and I promptly say three Hail Mary's.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Glockin Grok View Post
    This is by far the best thing I read to describe how I feel... I can't look at people/how they eat the same.

    I see people huffing and puffing from walking from their car into my work.
    that used to be me.. now I only huff and puff when I am weighted down by work going home that I don't do and heft it back the next day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jandge View Post
    Some person on the forum said that we are unplugged from the matrix. It's the best analogy I've seen regarding that weird disconnect between us and people still living CW.
    I've used a similar phrase. Trying to eat local, sustainably-raised meats and veggies, and buying little processed foods: eating off the grid.

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    I tell people I don't eat fake food. That I ate what people ate before heart disease. Lots of veggies, fats and meat.
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    This isn't so much a funny CW moment as a self-congratulating, smug Primal moment:

    Our annual workplace wellness check was this week - the health department comes over and does weight, BMI, flexibility, blood pressure, grip strength, etc. Two of my superthin coworkers scored poor on the grip strength, while I scored excellent. And I'm 20 pounds heavier than I should be. One of the women is a cardio queen and could not believe that she scored poor and I scored excellent, especially since she's always telling me that I could lose my last bit of weight if I worked out for 2 hours after work every night like she does:
    Her: "But I work out more than you do!!!"
    Me: "Yes, but I lift weights and make sure I get enough protein."
    Her: "But I do an hour of Bodypump 3 times a week, and I can hold Warrior I for 3 minutes!!!"
    Me: (Just looking at her because I don't want to have the same conversation about my exercise and diet routine that she constantly puts down...)
    Her: "Maybe I need to add another protein bar or shake to my day - I'll have to figure out if I can afford those extra calores...."

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    Quote Originally Posted by jandge View Post
    Some person on the forum said that we are unplugged from the matrix. It's the best analogy I've seen regarding that weird disconnect between us and people still living CW.
    It really is a fantasy land. You go into starbucks to get coffee and everyone is drinking frappucino's, eating whole grain crap sandwiches. When people tell me they are taking pharma drugs for years I don't know what to say. How stupid can you be to take a drug that covers up a symptom for years while causing massive side effects? facepalm...

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    Failed at work pot-luck today. I indulged a little, but the choices were slim. Lots of pasta, bread, wraps, sandwiches (with hardly any meat), desserts, blah. I made a super delicious artichoke salad with uncured pepperoni, banana peppers, sun dried tomatoes, olives, onion, EVOO, spices, garlic, etc. I have a TON left. But the gone. And all the desserts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Catalina View Post
    Does anyone else know folks who rinse their ground beef after cooking to get rid of the fat? A friend, who is very health-conscious in a CW way, told me she does that. I was amazed--never heard of it before.
    Yes, there is a whole website of them...................

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    Got my blood test results back Wednesday. The doctor's assistant called me because the total cholesterol was 237. "We're just concerned because it used to be 197 [yeah, way back in 2007]. If you log on to our website, there's a ton of great information about how to lower your cholesterol. You know, just cut back on the fat, especially the saturated fat."

    Yeah, yeah, yeah. Are we done yet? My Trigs were 72 after only 4 months being Primal, so I'm not too concerned.

    Something else interesting I noticed, though. Every time I give blood, they automatically run the numbers for total cholesterol too. Since I'm Queen of the Spreadsheet, I entered the data and compared. Here's what I saw:

    Feb 28 2010 - TC 208 - Blood donation
    Mar 30 2011 - TC 231 - Medical lab
    Jun 13 2011 - TC 209 - Blood donation
    Sep 12 2011 - TC 237 - Medical lab (same one)

    Does that look odd to anyone else?
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    Ritarose. Something is off there. Are there different methods of counting collestrol, becuse that sure looks weird.

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