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Thread: Funny CW moments

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    Quote Originally Posted by canio6 View Post
    Sounds like my dad. He will eat an entire bag of hershey kisses and just take more insulin. It is okay because the doctor tells him it is okay. *rolls eyes*
    This is how my mother died. LITERALLY ( except it was Peppermint patties).

    I was in Fred Meyer with my 8 year old and he was reading the label on a box of otter pops. He saw that they had a "Beat childhood cancer" ribbon on it and said, "I guess they recognise that they're selling foods full of carcinogens". I must be doing something right
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    Went to a gorgeous outdoor Mexican restaurant today, ordered 1/2 bbq chicken, "no sauce, no rice please, just the chicken". WELL, chicken comes, covered in sugary goo, with a side of FRENCH FRIES. Waitor smiled at me, says "you said no rice, but thought you might like these. This ok?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silky View Post
    This is from a long time ago:

    Coworker: I've decided to get healthy, so I bought some an olive oil supplement. They were úlots for <not many>
    Me: That sounds expensive. Why not just add a tablespoon of olive oil to a meal?
    Coworker: <blank look>. These are supplements. From the health food shop.
    That's priceless.
    You lousy kids! Get off my savannah!

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    priceless is one word for it

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    Quote Originally Posted by jennachica View Post
    Went to a gorgeous outdoor Mexican restaurant today, ordered 1/2 bbq chicken, "no sauce, no rice please, just the chicken". WELL, chicken comes, covered in sugary goo, with a side of FRENCH FRIES. Waitor smiled at me, says "you said no rice, but thought you might like these. This ok?"
    I hate surprises like that. Especially sugary dressings.

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    Apparently, a huge bowl of Thai soup requires an equally huge plate of rice. Nothing on the menu about it, nothing said while I was ordering, but it showed up with my soup. Needless to say, Geek got extra rice that night.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Greensprout View Post
    The steak arrived with the side of grilled zucchini and peppers, along with a large pile of obviously breaded and deep fried onion crisps...

    Drives me.


    I go to a restaurant, order a meal, say, "No bread, please. Yes, we're crazy low-carb people. Is the shrimp breaded? No? Great! Okay, can you replace the starches with vegetables? It'll cost me a little extra? No problem! Sounds good. Balsamic dressing on the salad. Thanks!"

    And then the salad comes out with croutons.

    I mean, C'MON. Yes yes yes, I know, I should ASK if the salad comes with croutons, and I usually remember, but sometimes I'm debating Deep Social Commentary with my other half and we're not thinking about effing croutons.

    I would expect a good waiter would put 2 + 2 together and gently remind me that their salads come with croutons.

    Please don't hate me, people who have been waitstaff. I know this is a very first world problem. I know the effing croutons can just be picked off. I tip well and I am usually very understanding and polite, honest! I just want to see some neurons firing!

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    I went put for dinner today with my dad and my auntie, the latter of which really doesn't seem to grasp this, and why I wouldn't want to eat bread, pasta etc.

    So we all ordered a roast dinner - but it comes with roast potatoes and mash. Convo with waitress goes.

    "I don't want the mash"
    "We'll give you a double order of roast potatoes then"
    "Actually I don't want any potatoes, can I just sub it for veg"
    *blank stare*

    Ended up with the double order of potatoes and just left them. I wanted roast beef, and veg. That's it!!

    Also, according to my auntie eating like this is really unhealthy. Says the woman whose weight yo-yos due to being on ridiculous diets.

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    I like when something comes with french fries and you politely say you don't want them and they say " but it comes with them". So then I usually say "okay, here's the deal, you can charge me for them, I don't care, just stop at the trash can on the way to the table and throw them out if you're incapable of telling the kitchen I don't want them."

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    It's kind of convoluted, and I know that I shouldn't expect other people to know things just because I'VE researched them, and they're obvious to ME, but:

    me to very overweight friend with lots of health problems while we were talking about her health: Yeah, I know it seems like a pain, but it's just one month. If you find out that that's what your problem is, it might literally save your life. If it does nothing for you, all you've lost is a month of cupcakes. Just remove gluten and soy and I bet it would do wonders"

    Other friend: You should totally try to cut out gluten. It worked wonders for *other person*. I wouldn't cut out soy though, you're already having hormonal problems, you don't want to reduce your estrogen"

    YES SHE DOES!!!!! Do you not understand that too much estrogen is probably why she is unhealthy?!?:!?! She's almost 300 pounds, SHE HAS TOO MUCH ESTROGEN!!!! Fat produces estrogen. She needs to avoid estrogen producing foods AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE and supplement with progesterone to balance it out!!!!!

    SERIOUSLY!!!! I get that YOU don't know what you're talking about because YOU haven't done any research on the subject, but for the love of god woman, don't give out advice on a subject that you're clueless about! I wouldn't give someone car advice, or betting advice, or rocket science advice! I wouldn't tell someone how to manage their budget, or buy fashionable clothes. But I freaking know what I'm talking about when it comes to hormones, and I can tell you being 300 pounds AND having heavy/irregular periods, AND having insulin resistance is NOT a sign of having too LITTLE estrogen!

    Ok, I'm done ranting. It's just... GAH! People should not talk about what they do not know!

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