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Thread: How I am Gaining Muscle, Losing Fat and Eating Chocolate Simultaneously

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    How I am Gaining Muscle, Losing Fat and Eating Chocolate Simultaneously

    Eating chocolate is the easy part. Just keep it reasonable because it of course can hinder you from losing fat.

    How am I gaining muscle?
    By performing a 'Three Day Split RPT' Routine (google it). This is the optimum, no BS way to build muscle in the gym. I combine it with MDA and leangains and am finally ripped (gotta be around 10% BF and dropping).

    My RPT routine with it's latest weights and achieved reps, everything in pounds (at least 14 hrs fasted):
    Day 1:
    Dead lift warm up- 135x6 2min rest, 225x4 2.5 min rest, 285x3 3 min rest
    Dead lift top set- 355x5, 3 min rest
    Dead lift 2nd set- 315x7, 2.5 min rest
    Dead lift 3rd set- 275x10, 3-5 min rest
    Chin up warm up- (Bodyweight x 6) 3 min rest
    Chin up top set- BW+55 x 6 3 min rest (failure on 7th rep)
    Chin up 2nd set- BW+35 x 7 2 min rest (no failure)
    Chin up 3rd set- BodyW x 8 3-5 min rest (no failure)
    Pendlay Rows- 135, 3 sets of 5, rest as needed between
    Walk outside 30 mins.
    Day 2:
    Rest. Walk to class and lift my backpack.
    Day 3:
    Bench press warm up- 95x7 2 min rest, 145x5 2.5 min rest, 205x3 3 min rest
    Bench press top set- 245x6, 3 min rest (failure on 7th.. ask someone to spot!)
    Bench press 2nd set- 210x7, 2.5 min rest
    Bench press 3rd set- 175x8, 3-5 min rest
    Slow, controlled push ups- 2 sets of 20, rest as needed between... drop slowly and explode when pushing up.
    Incline Dumbell Flys OR Dumbell pullover (alt week-to week): 3x8, with 30lb dumbells for flys and 50lb dumbell for pullover... This is meant to stretch my chest. They do not build muscle as well as any of the previous lifts).
    Walk outside 30 mins
    Day 4:
    Rest. Go up some stairs and bounce my legs up and down whiles sitting.
    Day 5:
    Squat warm up- 135x8 2 min rest, 225x6 2.5 min rest, 275x4 3 min rest
    Squat top set- 330x7 3 min rest
    Squat 2nd set- 285x9 2.5 min erst
    Squat 3rd set- 245x10 3 min rest
    Arnold Presses- 3 sets of 8, 60 lb dumbells (nice and easy).
    Walk outside 30 mins
    Day 6 and 7:
    I do 8 60 yard sprints about once a week, either on a rest day or during my day 3 workout.

    This is an advanced workout routine, but if you have been lifting weights and can use a 45lb barbell for these workouts, it is a fantastic way to build muscle.

    How am I losing fat (besides by gaining muscle)?

    Almost every time I eat, I stop eating within 8 hours and then don't eat again for at least 16 hours. The majority of days I use up the full 8 hours and eat 2-4 primal friendly meals/snacks. Day's I lift, I try to go about +20% of my avg daily calorie intake, and day's I don't, -20% and minimal non-veggie carbs.
    About once a week (more like every 9 days), I try to fast a full 24 hours, ending the fast about 4 hours after the completion of a workout (yes, post heavy lifting session fasting... HGH everywhere)... My feeding window is flexible. I can stop eating before my 8 hours are up and wait longer than 16 hours to eat after I've stopped.

    If I were to make an estimate, I'd say my eating is about 80% primal. Most all of my meals are plants and animals, but all of the meat I am eating is grain-fed (never had any grass fed ). I eat a lot of veggies, lots of healthy fats, berries, fruit occasionally, and virtually no grains. I eat 2 fastfood meals a week (away from home all day tues and thurs) but keep them as close to primal as possible (veggies, meat, no grains, minimal sugar, etc.).

    I've never been so happy with the way I look.

    I want some grass fed meat!

    I walk 5 or so minutes uphill on a treadmill before each workout!
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