Ok, I am faced with a conundrum. I get that carrageenan isn't good for us, and I also don't want to consume conventional dairy. However, in my area at least, all of the pastured heavy cream (almost my only form of dairy) ALL has carrageenan. The only heavy cream I can find that doesn't have anything else in it is a non-pastured heavy cream sold at Whole Foods. I assume it is conventional. Their pastured cream does have it.

So which is worse for me? I only have a couple of tablespoons a day in my coffee, but I am unsure just how bad
carrageenan is for us. Thoughts? Trader Joe's has half and half that doesn't have it, but I don't like to use that as I must use sugar if I don't use full cream. Bad, I know but there it is, heavy cream is a better choice for me.