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Thread: I thought of something whitty!

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    I thought of something whitty!

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    Last week I read through Mark's "Primal Reactions" - what people say when they hear he doesn't eat grains or when he eats a lot of fat, and how he reacts.

    It inspired wittiness of my own!

    Some one tried the traditional "Animal fat is bad because of __________" approach (which, to be fair they're not *wildly* off of, as our factory farmed animal fats are a problem).

    I think their argument was high plants, low meat would be better for weight loss. Then the lightbulb came on. My response: "When you lose weight, your body is eating animal fat, vegan or not."

    Felt witty, wanted to share.


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    ^ Right on

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    Ha! Good point. If animal fat makes you fat, then wouldn't losing weight and having all that animal fat coursing through your system make you even fatter?

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