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Thread: Fasting suggestions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kelly Korg View Post
    I would love to give fasting a try but am not sure how to get started. I am terrified that I won't be able to focus at work because I will be starving.
    If you have already mostly given up snacking, that's the first step. Do you feel hungry before your next meal? How are you handling that?

    In my experience, the feeling of hunger is as much psychological as it is physical. I found early on that I could skip breakfast very easily on the weekends if I was running errands or busy around the house. My job involves too much sitting at the computer to keep my mind off food, so weekdays were much harder. I played around with macros and calories and nothing seemed to make it easier. Then all of a sudden, I was going until lunch on just my morning coffee with 2T heavy cream. I still got hungry, but it didn't seem to bother me as much.

    I would recommend that you try it out. Don't pressure yourself. If it takes you 6 months (or a lifetime) to get the hang of it, that's OK.
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    I was frighten to fast, thinking I was going to starve to death. However, when I first started, I was surprised how unhungry I was. Start simple by giving up breakfast. The thought of maintaining a meal to the next meal w/out starving is mostly psychological. You'll learn that there is a difference between starving and being hungry.

    Good luck!

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    We moved from normal 3 meals plus a snack or two to IF in an 8 hr eating window -- which for my husband is 3 meals plus a snack, and for me it's two means plus a snack.

    It's not necessary to get the benefits of Primal Blueprint, and some people notice no change in how they look/feel with vs without IF. Some people do notice a change.

    I also agree with canio -- do at least 6 months regular PB to see how things are going for you, how you are adjusting, etc, and then consider going in for IF. We were 2 years-ish in before we started IF, and it's been good for us.

    Up to you, really. Just research the different IF methods. There's plenty of information out there.

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    I read on Dr. Mercola's site that fasting is great. However, it may not be so great for women's fertility. So that is something to keep in mind if your fertility is important to you now ir in the future.

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