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    I'm back :)

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    Hey guys, I haven't posted on here for a while but some of you might remember me from a few months ago. I decided to stop going on the forums and the internet in general because towards the end of last year I just wanted to focus on studying for my year 12 exams. I also made the decision to allow myself to eat whatever I wanted until exams were over, so I stopped my obsessive dieting, bingeing, fasting, and checking nutrition labels on everything. I was sure that I'd gain weight but over those several months of unrestricted eating and no exercise except walking for 45 mins to an hour a day I actually lost 1.5kg which isn't much but it still surprised me. For around 2 months now I've been trying lose weight but I haven't been really serious about it; I invent a new weight loss plan nearly every day but I never stick to any of them because after 5 minutes I realise that I just need something sustainable. I've gained weight and I've learned that dieting and restriction makes me fat. Anyway, I just hope that this time I will be patient enough to just stick to the basic PB principles and not get too carried away by 'shortcuts'.

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    Def a great idea to stick to the basics
    Good luck with it all.

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