So this is it. Day one of the rest of my life. The beginning of an epic saga that will involve me thanking you all in an Oscar speech and naming some stars after Mark Sisson.

I have 75lbs to lose, which some of you will read and go 'Pah, that's not much' and others will read and go 'Jeez, that's like the weight of an 8 year old girl from Nebraska called Sue'.

I am making myself a goal of this chunk off my body by June. 4 months. Achievable, easily.

I went pretty strict Paleo 4 weeks ago and my energy levels are off the charts, but my weight loss has stuttered due to some bad choices, lack of sleep, no exercise etc so this thread is all about kicking myself up the ass and putting all the pieces together.

In my next post I will attach a before picture. It won't be pretty, so get some bleach for your eyes.

See you on the other side homies....



Man. 33 years. 5'8". Lover of shoes.

CW - 216 lbs
GW - 140 lbs