Hey Grokers

After posting on here a few weeks ago about my wee experinment into making my diet more efficient I want to report back and look into a discovery I was only partly aware of.

Im 6'1 205lbs and about 8%bf and wanted to maintain that whilst adding another 10lbs (I used to be the skinny kid at school). I was eating about 6 + times a day but decided constantly prep'ing or eating food was a pain . So I wanted to cut the meals down to 4 but keep the goals the same.

To report back the fewer meals are coming along fine, some days im a little hungrier than others but for various reasons.

The one thing iv made a decision to do is up fat a lot. I started by consuming 2 table spoon full's of extra virgin olive oil each day. That is now up to 3. Of course I am not doing this before exercise or just after, but each one gives me about 120 calories of amazing fat, staves off a little hunger and feeds the body. I do it around meals so its not like an extra meal.

A couple of weeks into this and my DW notices that at night I am more stubbly, and has questioned whether I have shaved at all on a couple of days. The fat is acting as a natural test increaser. Something I was aware of but thought the changes would be so minor as to not notice. I will report back on this in another couple of weeks.