Rant time. I read a lot of different publications and forums about fitness and I'm tiring of the running vs. power lifting vs. Crossfit vs. yoga vs. shooting people in the ass with a dart gun arguments.

My workout is better than your workout FOR ME. Your workout is probably better than mine FOR YOU. We're all moving, so as long as we're staying out of each other's way, why do we gotta bag on the way everyone else is moving?

I'd rather shave my head with a cheese grater than do Zumba, but you seem to like it and your not using the incline bench means I get to. You may be horrified by my big delts, but I'm not crowding up your Zumba room so it's all good.

So long as someone has put some thought into their goals and chosen the right activity to meet them, I don't see why we have to argue about what exercise is best. And even if they haven't, it's no skin off my nose so long as they let me work in when I ask.

OK, I'm done.