I am a 33 yr old 5'6" female who weighs 178 lbs. I do everything from IRONMAN distance Triathlons to power-lifting competitions...basically if I can compete, I am in!! I have quite a bit of muscle mass. According to the charts my BMI is 28.7 which puts me in the highly overweight range, but I can do 10 wide grip pull ups, run my 5km under 25 min, bench press 185 lbs and deadlift 315lbs...so I know I am not obese and unfit!! But I do have 15lbs to lose.

I have just begun primal 1 week ago, but it wasn't a huge jump for me as I had already cut out breads and pastas. I feel an incredible difference in steady energy throughout the day and also I never feel hungry which is fantastic! I really enjoy it. (Thanks Mark!!!)

I was just wondering, is it normal that I havn't dropped any weight yet? I do track calories/carb stats with fitday and I have an average daily deficit of 900 Cal. I have read some posts that describe the body needing time to heal, is this an explanation for why I have not dropped any weight yet?

I do not expect to be dropping a million lbs in a week! But just thought I may see a half a pound or a pound down by now, since almost everyone that I read says they saw weight loss immediately.

Thanks in advance for your reply!!