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Thread: Fermenting Vegetables?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grokasaurus Pecs View Post
    What do I do now? Remove the stone and just put the jar in the fridge and eat away?
    yup. that'll do it. enjoy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cryptocode View Post
    Yesterday I met an 87 year old lady from Germany.We talked of pickles and Kings.

    She said that when she was a child in Germany, in the fall the put freshly chopped cabbage in a wooden crock. They spinkled and mixed some salt in to it and covered it with a round piece of wood on top of the cabbage (not the crock) and a stone on top of that. They added no water. They put the crock under the back stairway (outdoors).

    Every 3-4 days someone would go out to see if another or bigger rock was needed. When the cabbage was covered with water it was sauerkruat.

    I'd like to try this method sometime.
    That is basically what i do except i press the cabage while adding the salt. This draws the water outa the cabbage so that mine is covered wihin 24 hours. I like 3 - 4 weeks best, but I start eating it around the 7-10 day mark by just dipping out a bowl here or there.

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