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Thread: Why am I not losing weight?

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    Why am I not losing weight?

    Hi everyone!

    I apologize for being yet another person to ask this question, but I've been reading posts from people not losing weight on a primal diet all morning and can't find any cases similar enough to mine. I have read a lot of really helpful advice here and there, but I just want to be sure I'm not missing anything.

    First, I have an extreme amount (over 100lbs) of weight to lose to be considered a healthy weight. I have PCOS which has complicated weight loss efforts in the past, but I am currently taking Metformin 3xday to help combat that. I've had blood work and things like thyroid checked recently, no issues. My fasting blood sugar is 85, and my total cholesterol is 132.

    I started eating a mostly primal diet about 2 weeks ago. I was so excited for the first week because I dropped weight so quickly, and while I knew it was mostly water weight, it was still exciting. However, for the last 7 days, while I seem to be losing/gaining the same 1-2 pounds, I have had no net weight loss. I feel 100% better eating this way and have NO plans to "give up" (the energy alone is worth it) but I would like some suggestions for why I may not be losing.

    A typical day of eating for me:

    Breakfast: 3 whole eggs, 4 strips bacon (Trader Joe's nitrite/nitrate free, etc)
    Snack: Larabar (not considered Primal, I know)
    Dinner: Fatty Red Meat/Veggies (pot roast, chili, etc)
    Beverages: 60 ounces of water/average

    I'll occasionally throw in a piece of fruit as well. I'm not hungry eating this amount and I track my nutrition with Fitness Pal which shows I eat about ~1500 calories a day. I am cooking with coconut oil, olive oil or butter.

    Here are some more average daily stats:

    Total Fat (g) 81
    Saturated (g) 31
    Cholesterol (mg) 849
    Total Carbs (g) 49
    Protein (g) 104

    I, admittedly, am not doing much exercising yet (beyond short walks) because of my weight. I have a toddler, so keeping up with her is about the extent of it. I do plan to increase this slowly.

    I also read in another post where someone said eating bacon daily is not advised. I plan to cut my bacon intake down to only 1-2 days per week to see if that makes a difference. The same person said if you are eating enough protein and fat to "live off of" you will not lose weight, because your body will not be using any of it's reserves. Might this be the case with me?

    I really don't feel like I can increase my daily calories by much. Any other insight or suggestions would be very much appreciated! At this point I don't know whether I'm eating too many or too few carbs, fat grams, protein grams, etc... I keep reading conflicting information about this.

    I'm mainly confused at how someone as overweight as I am could be eating ~1500 daily calories and not losing a single pound. I don't "cheat" at all, beyond the Larabar, and I really just eat those to get enough calories in. I'm not a big meat eater, so transitioning into this style of eating is not an easy progression for me.

    Any (nice) words of wisdom?
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