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    The ultimate training for the ultimate warrior

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    Digging around through my computer files today I found the book "the ultimate training for the ultimate warrior" by Ross Enamait. I'm printing out it out now but looks to be a pretty good book for sandbags, etc. including how to make your own. Thought I would post it up for anyone that is interested.

    I'm looking for no/low cost training tools for our upcoming company health and wellness program as well as for my future firefighters once I get them hired, things like this book will help. We do have plenty of sand over here.
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    ross enamait is awesome. i've been following him for probably about 7 years now. his books are great, and there are quite a few knowledgeable people on his forum. also, if you post questions on the forum, ross will actually chime in and answer them. he's a great guy.

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