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Thread: Anyone Take Zeolites?

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    Anyone Take Zeolites?

    I just bought a huge jar of zeolites. I've read a lot of positive research on them and that they are safe for kids, even babies. It's recommended to take daily, for life, for gentle detoxing of heavy metals and other toxins.

    I'm excited to try them. I'm going to test them on myself before giving to my boys.

    Just wondering your experience with them? How do you take them? I have the zeoforce (powdered) zeolites by health force.

    A friend cured her acne with them (internal and external). She also applies the zeolites to external wounds, and has had success with treating diaper rash (i guess they literally suck up anything toxic into their pores and lock it in/even used to seal radio active waste)..

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    I take one tbsp. of zeoforce (love the product, btw) each morning on an empty stomach and wait at least an hour to eat (sometimes longer).

    I also apply to my skin daily just until it dries. Not always my whole face but if I have a zit or whatever...
    I mix up a batch of the zeoforce, apple cider vinegar, and pure water. Not sure of the ratios, but just until it's nice and smooth.

    Externally, it helps in numerous ways. Internally, I can't say I can pinpoint any specific way in which it's affected me, save for
    maybe some more energy than on days I don't take it, however I feel like it is a positive thing. Can't explain it.
    I never know what to put in these things. I write songs!

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