hi everyone!

To enable you to help me out with a few questions I have here is some basic background information about me: last Saturday I had been a vegetarian (and on and off vegan) for 11 years. Then I read primal blueprint Saturday night, went and bought some organic sausages Sunday morning and haven't looked back. I honestly can't believe how satisfied and full I feel for the first time in 11 years.

I have quite a limited budget for food and organic meat seems is extremely expensive in the uk having come from a diet based on canned beans and tofu. I don't think I can afford to eat meat more than every dinner time and a few lunches (I eat eggs for breakfast) so my first question is: is that enough protein? I lift heavy weights three times a week and have always tried to keep my protein intake higher but never managed it. What I like about being primal is not having to count calories, but I am concerned that I am still not meeting my protein needs so is it advisable to track what I eat for a few weeks?

Secondly, I am 25 and enjoy going out drinking with my friends at the weekend. My tipple of choice is a dark rum and a dash of diet coke so do I need to cut this out completely or can I still enjoy a few drinks without having to worry?

Lastly, does anyone have some meaty lunch dishes they can share? I can't quite get around the taste of cold meat at the moment and I'm pretty paranoid about re-heating meat, but I would really appreciate some easy, quick meal ideas if anyone has them.

Thanks guys!