2003 - 260 lbs, said enough is enough. Started eating less junk, working out on the elliptical. No notion of "primal," still eating bread and high carb. 60 pounds melted off in a year.

2006 - introduced to paleo via DeVany and Sisson. Lost an additional 25 lbs by 2008.

2008-2012 - Maintained primal lifestyle, weight did not budge despite having another 20 or so pounds to lose. I could have amped up the exercise and gone nutty Whole 30, but it never made sense to start something I was not willing to maintain. I hate "exercise." I love play. It's hard to find people to "play" with.

2012 - Frustrated. Screw it, I'm eating what I want. Carbs way up, eating wheat often. Actually eating pretty indiscriminately based on foods that I enjoy and that make me feel good (breaded ginger beef and donairs and cookies make me feel good. It's okay to admit it. Go on).

2013 - Have not gotten any fatter, health has not suffered, feeling good.

So what's going on?

Shortly before my initial resolve to lose weight, my father died. He was a source of an incredible amount of stress in my life. The weight came off so easily. In 2008 I had to move back home and did not have the means to live on my own for long until now. My father's death revealed the incredibly damaged and stressful relationship I have with my mother, which I have been enduring and which has seeped into all areas of my life. Despite being active and careful about what I ate, my spare tire would not bulge. Neither is the weight budging now that I am much more relaxed about what I eat.

I am convinced that emotional stress plays an enormous role in fat storage. Far larger than Sisson acknowledges. If you have been thinking that it's all about wheat and carbs yet are not getting anywhere in your diet, it might be good to look at other areas of your life and to resolve past and present issues that are plaguing you.