Hey, hope someone out there has some good advice for me.
I am going to do a 10k run in the fall, it's with some friends, and I'm not normally into running, and, crazy thing is, when I was big (I've lost 90 lb past year and a few months...) I absolutely HATED running, because it was so jarring, so on, so on. Now, I've tried again, it is not so bad, actually kind of fun, but I need to work my way up, because even though I'm pretty active (swim, play hockey, lift), I am an absolute NOOB at running
Most of where I'll be running will be concrete, so I am really reluctant to go full-on into barefoot/minimalist, and I was just at a running shoe store last night, and they tried to get me in "stability" shoes, with custom insoles and the whole bit. The useful part is that I see that I do tend to stand very heel heavy, and apparently favor my left side. Oh, and I kinda splay out like a duck when I run. Embarassing LOL.
There must be a happy medium here.
My goal is to run comfortably without getting hurt, and I would love to get the form/muscles going properly, so I won't NEED too much support in the shoe department, but I don't want to get torn up! That being said, I LOVE my VFFs, but you won't see me running in them!
So I guess I'm looking for pearls of wisdom from someone out there, about shoes, training, whatever, to help this running noob.