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    Red face Hello hello :)

    Hi Everyone,
    I have lurked this site for a while, finally decided to sign up and join the action.
    A little about me from the fitness angle, I started a diet called "Ideal Protein" a little over a year ago (very Atkins-y I think), and while it is most definitely NOT primal (has plenty of its share of soy and sucralose...), it has gotten me very far (down 90lb and now in the "normal" weight range for the first time in my entire life!), and gotten me off grains and sugar, so it definitely gets a thumbs up from me.
    However, now that I'm getting close to the point of weaning off that plan and maintaining the loss I have achieved (still want to drop 10-15), I know Paleo/Primal is where I'm headed. (My dinners and meals away from home are already that way!) I feel fit and awesome and want to stay that way!
    So here I am, ready to burst in on the MDA boards with you guys.
    ALSO, I'm making fitness goals for the first time ever really, and I'm pretty excited about that.
    I play ice hockey, swim, and now I'm doing more lifting and *starting* running, and other than that, I'm pretty much down to try anything active, 'cause it's all fun now. Crazy!
    And otherwise, I'm into video games, anime, and various nerdy/pop culture stuff
    That's a bit about me. <waves hello>
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