can't find it now, but someone posted a wonderfull link to Regalia Vodka with russian drinking tips. Lots of tips about drinking tea, but bottom line was drink pure vodka, no soda and you will have no hangover.

A bit sceptical at first i decided to try it out: A lot harder than i thought since my discipline on the "no soda" was fading after a couple of vodka shots. However i have now managed to drink only pure booze (mostly vodka, but also whiskey and gin) for three months. My conclusion is that the concept work: lots of drunkeness; little to no hangover.

I don't know if this fits the PB but since I learned about the concept of "only booze" here i decide to share it here.
If you decide to go for "only booze"-drinking try Swedens Absoulut Vodka or Stolichnaya, they are the only vodkas I manage to drink with only ice and lemon (tried KronVodka yesterday - yuck - struggled to get it down).