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Thread: paleo "Hidden Menu" at Panera Bread? page

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    paleo "Hidden Menu" at Panera Bread?

    Thrive Market
    Panera Bread Goes Paleo Primal - Karen DeCoster

    If there are people here who read LRC, did anyone see this today? I never would have thought Panera would have paleo options (outside of salads) but this seems legit.

    Panera Hidden Menu (w/ pictures)

    I've actually never eaten at Panera (even in my pre-paleo days). How's the food?
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    Panera Bread is pretty good. I've had their salads before.

    It irks me that this hidden menu is not available in Canada. Pffffffft.
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    Well, their bread is really, really good, lol. I like their hidden menu, especially the lettuce wraps. But it's still basically just salads. Some soups would have been a great addition.
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    I never really liked the food. It is okay, not amazing. However, for another place I can get a quick meal, I will try it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by dirk41 View Post
    I've actually never eaten at Panera (even in my pre-paleo days). How's the food?
    Its "meh". I used to work one floor above one back when it was still the "st. louis bread company". Never thought I'd get sick of the smell of fresh baking bread but it happens. To this day the smell makes my stomach revolt.

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    A friend shared that this morning and I did a little happy dance, the steak and egg bowl looks wonderful. We don't have many good restaurant options nearby (the Moe's closed before we moved here, boo!), but there is a Panera and it even has a drive-thru. I used to get the pick 2 soup and salad--chicken cobb avocado salad and creamy tomato soup without the croutons. I looked up the nutrition info on the soup, it's not awful, I think the worst ingredient is the corn starch.
    Creamy tomato soup (tomatoes [tomatoes, tomato puree, salt, citric acid], water, cream [cream, milk], onions, seasoning [sugar, modified corn starch, salt, spices, mono and diglycerides], butter [cream, water], pure olive oil, garlic puree [fresh garlic, citric acid], sugar)
    Not perfect, but something I don't mind eating in a pinch.

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    before moving to NZ, I practically lived at a panera because it was close to where DH worked, adn DS and I could go there all day. I used to get the greek salad, dressing on the side, with an extra apple (for ds) rather than bread. it was nice.

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    Wow, thanks for sharing this! I have a Panera gift card hanging out in a drawer, and I eat there a few times a year with family/friends. I can't see eating there any more than very rarely, but at least I have better options now.

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    Dumb question: Why is this menu "hidden?" I guess they're afraid of a bread restaurant offering non-bread options to the point where they put themselves out of business?

    Yay, the hidden items are listed at Here are the ingredients for the steak and egg bowl: Sirloin steak (beef top sirloin cap, seasoning [spice, dehydrated garlic, sea salt, canola oil]), pasteurized eggs, tomatoes, avocado, salt, black pepper. Could have done without the canola oil. That said, sounds like a fine 80/20 option.

    I wouldn't go to Panera if I were was hypersensitive to gluten. Too easy to cross-contaminate.
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    I view Panera as a good fast food option. I ate salad there a few times for a business lunch and thought the ingredients were fresh. That steak and egg breakfast looks pretty good to me right now! Thanks for this link!

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