So I've been surfing this site for awhile now - long story short, had some serious issues to deal with in my personal life, and through it all, over the course of about a year and a half, I didn't work out at all, and gained over 30 pounds.

For the last few weeks I've really tried to clean up my diets - cut out almost all carbs except for fruit, mostly eggs/bacon/fruit for breakfast, salad for lunch, and some form of protein with veggies at night. It's been going good, seen good results in weight loss already.

Anyway, the other day I read through the Primal Fitness ebook, and thought "OK! here we go! time to go for the 4 basic movement self assessment!". I have been back going to the gym for, well, about a month now, and I thought "yea, I must be getting stronger". Lately I have been focusing on bodyweight stuff, so I thought, well, I should be able to do a good bit of this stuff.

Let's see how it went:

Squats: No problem! Did about 70 of these, so I can start working directly into bodyweight squats in my workout, no problem!

Pushups: I thought I would kill these! I try to do pushups most days I'm at the gym. But I did 41 and COLLAPSED at the end. Didn't make the goal of 50. Still okay though, I will just start with incline pushups, no big deal. Still not feeling too bad about myself.

Pullups: Death. I got 1! ONE! And I was lucky to do that. Completely demoralizing. I have been working on inverted rows at the gym, so I thought I could at least bust out a few of these. NOPE. Pretty devastated.

Plank: Another I thought I could really do well. I do alot of planks at the gym. About 75 seconds BOOM DONE. Demoralized because I have been doing about 45 second planks as part of my circuit at the gym, and now this is telling me I should go back to hands/knees.

So I know it is all about staying positive, but I can't help but feeling disappointed at the condition I am in going into these workouts. I do work out at a gym, and I actually usually like going there, but it is going to suck having to go to try the 2-foot assisted pull-up or the hands/knees plank. I really thought I was making progress on my plank and with inverted rows. And I guess the reason I feel bummed about it is because I'm a 25 year old guy - I'm just the age that I SHOULD be able to do things like pullups.

Anyway, did anyone else have a similar experience with the self-assessment? It's the first time since I started reading the Primal Blueprint/following the diet that I've felt anything other than pure excitement. And so how did you get through the disappointment of realizing "OH, I'm in really crappy shape"!

Sorry for the long post! Any words of advice or encouragement would be really appreciated!