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Thread: Rob's Primal Journal (Montco)

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    Rob's Primal Journal (Montco)

    May 29, 2012 I weighed in at 275 lbs. I had enough. I researched on the internet and came across the Paleo Diet at the time. I spent the next 6 months or so trying to cut out processed foods, grains, and dairy. I was highly successful at first but eventually found myself going on plan for a week or two, then off for a week or two. My weight fluctuated and I now find myself only 15 lbs down from the start.

    Although I've only lost 15 lbs I have learned a lot about nutrition these last 6 months. Researching the Paleo Diet, The Primal Blueprint (as well as this website), and the Whole9 folks, I have decided this is definitely the lifestyle for me. Watching the documentary, "The Perfect Human Diet" only solidified that opinion.

    This time I am back on the wagon and ready to go. I'll be doing a modified paleo/primal hybrid. I'm not going to go crazy worrying about artificial sweeteners as I usually drop one in my coffee. I'm going to mostly cut out dairy, but not fully. I will allow myself Greek Yogurt and every once in a blue moon some cheese on an omelet. As far as alcohol is concerned, I will stick to wine and clear liquor although I rarely ever drink so that really isn't a big deal. Grains will be cut out completely unless it is a random splurge. I've decided that on situations like birthdays I will allow myself a slice of cake and/or a cheat meal.

    My goal is to live an overall primal lifestyle but not get bogged down in being so strict. I just want to live a healthier lifestyle and not necessarily get caught up in all of the rules.
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